How many sets of gear?

I sometimes wonder if I have more sets of gear in games than I do in real life. Sure, I have stacks of clothes but a lot of them are interchangeable. Or rather, I can use a lot of the same base gear in my work/casual/smart sets. Plus who wears gloves and hats these days, seriously? Where’s my scarf slot in game?

But in games, somehow I end up toting a lot of very specific gear in my bags. It comes down to stats and the fact that different game stats are more effective at different parts of the game. This isn’t a WAR specific issue, it often happens to support classes, or in games which have both PvP and PvE sides. So if you can be bothered to carry lots of clothing around and keep switching gear on your toon, you can be measurably better at whichever thing you are currently doing.

So I have a PvP/RvR set which is all about survivability. On this one I try to get as much wounds and toughness as possible. Willpower is nice (since I heal in RvR) but not such a priority. I have to switch into it every time I join a scenario. — *open bag* click click click click click click *click to swap tactics*

I have a soloing set to make solo questing less painful. This one is all about Intelligence, since that improves my dps. — *open bag* click click click click click click *click to swap tactics*

I don’t have a full PvE healing set with Willpower but I have a couple of pieces with high Will that I swap in if I need to be main healing in PvE. — *open bag* click click *click to swap tactics*

Aside from having half my bag full of staves, that’s a lot of clicking. Plus every time an item drops which I can use, it’s a lot of comparing with existing items to decide if I should take it. Addons can help with the gear switching, I don’t use one right now, but it should be possible to find one that can do it in one macro if you take some time to set it up. But the sheer hassle of carrying multiple sets around got old for me in WoW and I wish I didn’t have to do it.

Or rather, I don’t have to do it. But I survive so much better in PvP with my wounds/toughness gear, and kill faster in PvE with my int gear – it makes the game more fun for me to have the benefit of the different stats as needed. I’m pretty sure that with a dps class or tank I could get by with fewer gear swaps, and that does make those alts look more tempting. But for all that, I hate having to do it. I wish I could perform better in all facets of the game with one set of gear or do like in real life … use the same base gear, just dress it up with a few accessories/tactics to suit the occasion.

How do you manage your wardrobe in WAR?


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  1. I’m too lazy to bother with multiple sets when levelling, though I may consider it at 40. At the moment I just equip new gear with a bias towards armour, toughness and wounds. Willpower and Intelligence are nice, but ultimately a luxury.

  2. I can heartily recommend Closet Goblin

    Its very simple to set up and use. There’s a drag and drop UI for creating sets, which you can then equip using a basic macro. You could probably build a tactic-switching command into the same macro.

    My problem with not having an addon, apart from the constant clicking when you switch between RvR/PvE/Solo, is remembering which items are for which sets. I dont find the icons or item names especially distinctive, but Closet Goblin keeps a record of my various sets for me and makes comparing potential upgrades with my current sets a breeze.

  3. Closetgoblin should do your gear swapping with a click, but unfortunately it does not seem to want to save my sets at the moment. Hopefully with updates it will get better.

  4. Not exactly… Im a Swordwaster level 38 and Im already starting to create a separate set… one for survivality and other for raw dmg… I guess most classes have needs like that unless you only focus one side of the game.

  5. As unwise said, not bothering at the moment. I don’t like it if a game makes me. Have found switching tactics is working for now, will see at 40 how I feel.

  6. See, I don’t feel I’d ever get to 40 if I had to solo in my PvP gear.

  7. Closetgoblin 4tw. You need to create the sets first and it saves it automatically after you drag and drop to the interface. Or you could right click on the set name and choose the Import set from current option to save your current gear as a set.

    Then you can create macros to equip the sets:

    /script ClosetGoblin.ActivateSet(“Set Name”)

  8. Its not something I’m bothering with right now.

    Will pick some alternate gear sets up at 40 probably… for now I’m just trying to keep a healthy mix of certain stats that work well in all situations.

    I did the bags full of gear stuff with my Prot Paladin and I’m in no hurry to run our of bagspace again.

  9. @spinks

    I seem to spend a lot of my questing time following around a crazy Ironbreaker and Bright Wizard who like to pull more mobs than they could normally handle, and inevitably pull aggro onto myself when I have to chain heal them, so the extra survivability certainly doesn’t do any harm 🙂

  10. That works too 🙂

    I’d enjoy the game a whole lot more if I had a tank and wizard on tap. As it is, levelling is so rough at the moment that I’m feeling my get up and go got up and went!

  11. Yes, I often think that it is just pure stubbornness that keeps me playing an Archmage currently. I’ll be happy when I’m 40 and no longer have to worry about solo questing. Can’t imagine that Witch Elf gankings will get any easier though!

  12. I wouldn’t mind having a tank and dps on tap either. Hrrm. I think I just suck 🙂

  13. For now I just wear a wounds/pvp set. When I get to 40 I’ll probably build more specific sets of gear, but as a DOT-ter primarily, there is no stat that particularly helps my damage, so I might as well go with defensive stats.

    I was pretty frustrated for awhile as an engineer, since my damage seemed very mediocre despite my high ballistic skill, and I was super-squishy. Then I switched to all wounds and toughness, saw my damage decrease only very slightly, and actually can withstand the force of a marauder getting into my face! Much better.

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