Witching Night in the Old World

There’s a new Dev Diary up on the Herald and Mark Davies (associate producer) gives out a few hints about what to expect in game this Halloween …

In the skirmish areas around the entire world during the Halloween holiday, there will be boss monsters lurking for players to kill.  They’ll have cool loot on them, of course, so players from both sides will want to take them down.  I’m sure Order and Destruction will play nicely with each other and share equally with each other for the spoils of the fight – yeah right!  What else would you expect from a Warhammer holiday?  Trick-or-treating?  Nah!  Beating people over the head?  Oh yeah!

I love in game holidays, I’ve always found them good fun and it helps give the feeling of a living world. Problem is, sometimes a game’s designers’ wish to provide fun holidays ruins any sense of immersion because the holiday has nothing at all to do with the game world. WoW is a bad benchmark because it’s such a gonzo game that anything goes, but an Olympic holiday? Really? And LOTRO had a holiday that involved dressing  up as a pirate? Don’t remember Tolkien mentioning that one.

Sounds to me as though the WAR devs are very aware of this and will be going forwards with it as well. Also, juicy monsties and trez hanging around in the open world RvR areas? Oh, you can bet there’s going to be some head smashing this Halloween …


9 Responses

  1. So casual it hurts

  2. “ruins any sense of immersion”
    Except it’s actually in the lore.

  3. I don’t think the olympic holiday is in WoW lore

  4. Who cares about wow lore?

  5. I mean, I’m talking about the implication about Witching Night and immersion.

  6. It does sound like a good way to encourage people into the RvR zones. I just hope the gear is easier to get hold of than the RvR set chestpieces that I seem to spend most of my blogging complaining about these days.

    Though it occurs to me that folks who don’t like PvP should still have some stuff to do in the Halloween event also.

  7. WoW’s ‘holidays’ are pretty much US major holidays with a dash of fun thrown in. I mean, come on. The olympic holiday? That’s not even the first tipoff. There’s a July 4th fireworks show in-game.

  8. At least the pirate thing in LotRO was a one-off, I think after people complained – they didn’t do one this year. And they did celebrate Frodo/Bilbo’s birthday at least!

  9. @Arkenor

    It seems to me that Warhammer is mainly about PvP, and that’s how they intend it. So I think it’s normal that they focus on this. And as you say quite rightly, it’s a good way to make people roam the open RvR zones 🙂

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