Why I don’t do Temple of Isha

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a certain amount of manic frenzy about standing at an exposed flag and fighting. I enjoy that part of it, but.. from the very first time I saw the map, I can only think of one thing. First, let’s look at the Temple of Isha map:

And now onto my warped mind.. this is what I think of everytime I go into that scenario…

Yes, the female reproductive system, stuck in my head since those lovely sex education classes at school. So, it’s never been a scenario I can take seriously, and I spend more time wondering if the designers missed the likeness. When I mentioned it to my scenario group once (I’ve been kind of tentative to mention, because well.. I wonder if I’m just weird), none of them had thought of it that way… oops. It did lead to a whole scenario worth of jokes about it though! I’ll leave some of those to your imaginations.

Tor Anroc, while popular and crazy never makes my mind wander – so bring it on!


13 Responses

  1. Haha. Never thought of that until you pointed it out but … yes.

    I kind of miss T3 scenarios now my archmage is 32.

  2. hehe – I’m obviously just as warped – I saw the likeness before scrolling down to the second image 😉

  3. Oh trust me, you’re NOT the only person to think that.

  4. Yea, my friend and I saw that too, before we scrolled down. We all have such bad minds!

  5. I’m SO glad its not just me that thinks that!

  6. Like Coru, I saw it right away. It *might* conceivably (see what I did there?) be unintentional, but I doubt it. You could even argue it from a myth/game standpoint (healing more or less = to fertility, etc) but that would be much more boring than pix of fallopian tubes!

  7. Take a look at the map of Khaine’s Embrace. It looks even more like the female reproductive organs. Obviously, some of the Dev team of sex on their minds.

  8. Isha is the elven mother/fertility goddess, so it was probably planned that way.

  9. Hurrah, that makes sense Cedia – thanks!

  10. I have a pic that I thought of the same thing when I saw it. While its not game related its rather cool:

    And even though it looks like the same thing you are talking about….its one of my favorite pictures ever.

  11. Your not warped, I thought the exact same thing when the Isha map first showed up on my screen.

    Seeing your blog post though almost made coffee shoot out my nose as I laugh. Damn coffee was still hot too!

  12. Slurm, that picture made me laugh. I hope we can find more pictures like these!

  13. […] terminar con una sonrisa, Arbitrary en The Book of Grudges nos cuenta por que no le gusta el Scenario de Temple of Isha :P, mira la imagen y dime si te pasa […]

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