Grab Bag and Other Links

Let’s start with the grab bag. This is a regular Q&A session on the Herald. In this edition, there’s some discussion of high level armour sets which include sets obtainable from both PvE and PvP. The highest tiers of all come from PQs in city sieges and don’t even think about attempting to slaughter the opposition’s NPC leader unless you are well kitted out. The Greenskin sees this as a WoWesque gear treadmill but I remember how hard I had to work to get my warrior geared for heroics and am just glad that I can do the vast majority of WAR endgame without any special effort at all. The Archmage in the picture has a better looking robe than mine, I have robe envy. But doubt I’ll ever see that one.

The grab bag tip is:

If you’re a healer and you want to make the most of earning Renown, heal those around you who seem to be doing the most damage. The system encourages grouping with others and/or keeping the top killers alive, so if you do so, your healing Renown will flow!

Edited to add: One word can make a difference in a statement. It’s important for healers to group, and to heal everyone in your group, not just the damage dealers. Of course we never intended to suggest ignoring everyone else!

It’s a sound tip on how to currently max your renown as a healer. You will get more renown if you focus on healing the damage dealers. Of course, your team is more likely to actually win if you heal other people too … like that friendly tank who is guarding you and punting witch elves away.

Gamepolitics reports that a women in Japan has been taken to court for ‘killing’ the avatar of a guy who jilted her. It sounds as though this is a hacking charge, and nothing to do with the character being someone’s property.

And on the same site, reports of a Japanese diet website where you can subscribe to get regularly nagged about your weight by a virtual wife. Or you could just … actually get married and be nagged by a real one.

Apparently the new Puzzle Quest AI doesn’t cheat. I didn’t personally think that the old one did!

The big MMO news this week is that Bioware have announced that they are working on a Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO. Gamespot have an article summing up the main points of this week’s press releases. Rock Paper Scissors sum up my reactions too: companions sound cool, how much single player do we want in MMOs, and when did Star Wars stop being about the films? If you want to keep up with the Star Wars news, you can sign up for the newsletter here. And in case anyone was in any doubt, Bioware have said explicitly that they have WoW firmly in their sights.

Massively have an interview with some of the SW:TOR designers. They’ve split it up into several parts/ articles so that they can comment on specific pieces.

In WoW, there’s a big zombie event going on at the moment as a precursor to the upcoming expansion.

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