So, about that White Tower …

White Tower of Hoeth

White Tower of Hoeth

This is the White Tower of Hoeth, spiritual home of High Elf Swordmasters and one of the most historic and significant locations for High Elven culture in Ulthuan. It has stood for thousands of years.

If the perspective in that screenshot looks strange, it’s because the tower is huge and I had to angle the camera right back to take in the topmost turrets.

You won’t get to visit this tower as a High Elf unless you go far out of your way though. It features in a Public Quest on the Dark Elf side of Saphery. We don’t even get a chance to defend it. It’s lost, and no PC had any say in the matter.

Playing as Order, it sometimes feels as though any time Mythic decided to put a legendary location from the lore into the game, someone in the room said, “Hey, wouldn’t it be great if you got to attack location X?” and no one ever said, “It could be pretty cool if you got to defend location Y, wouldn’t it?” High Elf players and Warhammer lore fans on WHA have been sad about this.

But I look on it a different way. Yes, in a strong storytelling setting I’d have loved to play and roleplay my way through defending the White Tower, but Order has by far the more compelling storyline in the game. Destruction are a bunch of god bothering cultists, green hooligans, and semi-clad sadists. Order get to fight to defend everything they hold most dear. If it looks as though the story says we are losing, that just shows that even when it seems that we may lose everything, we don’t stop fighting.

It is be a limit of the game that neither side can ever truly win this war, and that’s frustrating because … we really do want to. But still, within the bounds of game we have an epic story to play out. It’s grim and gothic, but that’s Warhammer.


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  1. I kind of agree with what some people are saying, Order are besieged and we are supposed to put up a valiant defence now our backs are up against the wall being vastly outnumbered by destruction (both in story and in game numbers).

    What do Order get for this valiant struggle ? Win or lose Destruction still farm our army in PQ’s in every iconic city, fortress, location that Order had. It doesn’t matter what Order do we have nothing to start with and win or lose we have nothing after.

    Destruction ? Win or lose get to walk around all the Order major locations and go “ooh looks cool – and theres a PQ – neat”…

  2. To some extent I agree with you. I think, as you said, it makes things far more compelling that important locations have fallen. If they hadn’t the invasion would mean very little.

    It does leave some things open for expansion, too. But they can also reverse it later and bring the battle to Naggaroth or what have you.

    On the other hand, being a HE player I was bummed about the falling of the White Tower.

  3. The thing that saddened me about the White Tower is that it had an orb in the entrance that you could use to get inside. But it didn’t work for me. Even if I’d wanted to go help defend it, I couldn’t get in.

  4. This has frustrated me since beta. It’s the one thing that consistently comes back and irritates me. Gameplay can be tweaked, bugs can be fixed, but in order for them to change this, they’d have to radically alter the map.

    It’s not like every Swordmaster and Archmage in the game trained there for hundreds or thousands of years, or anything. Nope. Clearly, it fell while they were all off visiting the Everqueen.

    Oh, wait.

    Of course, this first came to my attention as a dwarf when I decided I wanted to see the Slayer Keep. Oops, sorry, Bregel. You’re not invited. The Slayer Keep is under Destruction management as a farm, and you don’t get to play. And the Shrine to Grimnir? It’s a little shack.

    Bleh. 😛

  5. The White Tower of Hoeth? What a disappointment…

    I was expecting more hoes.

    Jason (resident drunken idiot of Channel Massive)

  6. I don’t really understand what people are complaining about. The issue is that famous order places are under attack?

    I think this is the point where you remember that Order can attack places in the Chaos Wastes and the Maw, as well as Black Crag.

    I’d also point out at this point the the White Tower has far from fallen, is well defended, is surrounded by magical defenses (try and just waltz in as destruction and watch what happens) but is obviously not at it’s height of power. Just have a closer inspections of those dragons guarding the entrance.

  7. Honestly, I have to wonder about this decision. Order players care about the White Tower and Slayer Keep and such. It’s about realm pride. But we never even get to see it.

    I imagine in an expansion Malekith’s castle will be revealed. However, by that time Mythic will have realized that it was a mistake to not let players of a faction see their own famous landmarks, so, guess what… Destruction wins again and Order is screwed… again.

  8. I think part of it is that chaos simply doesn’t have cool iconic locations (the chaos wastes does not count!), plus the story says that Order is being invaded. But for all that, I’m sad that we don’t get to experience the White Tower or the Slayer Keep.

    I’m sad that Teclis has the same model as any T4 archmage too. Especially since Mythic had such great artwork for him. But I know he has a crush on my archmage anyway 😛

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