Being AFK

Everything sounds more fun when you can’t do it. I’ve been away for a few days (I know, no-one noticed!), enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of London and well.. doing some real life things that were both a bit stressy and pleasant when they worked out ok. It’s been so busy I’ve barely had time to notice I’ve not logged onto a computer with the internet for more than 5 mins in a day until right now, monday afternoon. Due home tuesday afternoon.

Travelling with cats brings a whole new meaning to ‘herding cats’ and leading an RvR warband is much easier!

So, did I miss WAR? A little. I missed the people more than anything. But I did have a few pangs of missing my little Rune Priest (last seen struggling to get some quests done without getting too disheartened). But I read in Spinks’ post that Tier 4 has kickstarted on our server. I missed it. I’ll probably miss the next few days/nights of it. But at 33, I figure my healer can get involved as and when I want to.

I made a Warrior Priest, frustrated that in every other game the healer/melee hybrid has been my char of choice. I prefer it so far to the beta version and I’m not sure why. It’s only rank 7 though, and I don’t plan at all to give up my Rune Priest thus far.

I’ve had a lot of time to think about the game, and other games. And I’ve been listening to a lot of WAR podcasts – so expect my views on those sometime soon. And maybe some more thoughtful posts from me than there have been of late.

Am still deciding on a sub. I’m still thinking of 1 month and then 6 months, because of my trip to the US in December, but I might cave and go for 6 months anyway. Either way, I’ll be playing for some time. I’m just adjusting to the knowledge this might be a 3-night a week game for me, rather than my usual fulltime efforts.


One Response

  1. Hey hey hey. I noticed.

    Then again I knew before you left. Shh, Im bigger than you, I get my way.

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