Witching Night!

This is what you can expect to find in game this Halloween.

Four new PQs, one for each tier. They will be located in the open RvR areas and will reset much more slowly than regular PQs.

Ghosts roaming the battlefields – they’re not hostile to players but there might be special rewards from kil^D^D^Dsending them to their eternal rest.

Witches and Cultists will be gathering also. Again, players who can release the trapped spirits of the dead from them can claim special rewards.

Rewards including: titles, new cloaks, new masks, trinkets and potions. All for use by any level.

3 Responses

  1. New masks? Uh oh…are these permenanant masks like the CE heads that no one will realize are permenant until its too late? @_@

  2. no.

  3. “All four masks can be worn by each of the game’s playable races. ”

    Yep, that’s what the picture suggests – human, greenskin, elf and … another greenskin.

    So where’s the Dwarf gone – too shy to be in the picture?

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