Game update 1.04 – let’s take a look

Coming to a US server near you on 29th October, and soon after to Europe, no doubt. Here’s 1.04.

The Witching Night live event has begun! For details, see the Warhammer Online Herald.

We look forward to this! Hope the first live event goes really well and they’re encouraged to do a lot more, not always based on time of year.

With the arrival of 1.0.4 we are now one step closer to offering Character Transfers from low population servers to medium population servers and the final stages of testing have begun…

Random news of something coming up in the next few days, and something a lot of people won’t need. But for those who need/want it, this is great news and pretty fast after launch. And being offered free.

We have added three new guild rewards in the form of dungeon teleport scrolls…Gunbad Teleport Scroll – This reward is unlocked at guild rank 29…Bastion Stair Teleport Scroll – This reward is unlocked at guild rank 32…Lost Vale Teleport Scroll – This reward is unlocked at guild rank 35…

Nice, but weren’t these in the list anyway or am I going mad? And.. by the time our guild is that high rank.. well, let’s just say it’ll be nice for alts! It’s not a bad thing, it’s just one of those things that’ll be nice but not effect too many people as yet.

Once a city has become contested, the attacking realm will now have 6 hours to capture it. If the invaders do not conquer the city in that time, the defenders will be declared victorious and the campaign will reset.

I think, on the whole, this brings a whole new challenge to the city capture which is a Good Thing(TM), but I dread the night we start on this at 11pm! (Only cos I’m old and need  my sleep). Nice tweak though!

Pets set to follow will now path properly to their master, and will no longer teleport instantly to their master’s side. Fixed an issue that was causing pets to stop attacking their current target and return to their master’s side…

White Lions rejoice? We’ll find out soon. But improving pets is never a bad thing, it’s really just getting them to where they needed to be on launch.

Fixed an issue that could sometimes cause trainer icons not to appear on the minimaps.

The successful capture of an enemy battlefield objective now rewards the capturing players with experience.

Finally! We’ve been musing that this would be a Good Thing(TM) for a while. Getting people out of scenarios needs to reward them with the things they get in a scenario in other ways. I see lots more fights at Battlefield Objectives, again, a good move!

In response to player feedback, the amount of renown earned from healing players has been increased slightly.

Hurrah! Well, we say that cos we’re all healers. But in reality it took a bit of a hit, players proved it, the games company listened to actual player feedback (along with the odd whine, let’s not fool ourselves). It’s a good change because it again shows that Mythic is willing to change things if they’re a bit ‘off’. And that real feedback actually can make a difference. So, next time you have an issue with something, or a great idea. Don’t just blog it or talk about it, use the ‘submit feedback’ button!

Tier 4 zones now require fewer scenario victory points to be captured.  The mechanics of capturing a zone have not changed however.  Zones which have no scenario opposition can still be captured if players join the queue for scenarios based on that Zone.  Victory points towards zone control will be granted if a realm has enough players in the queue to launch the scenario and the other realm doesn’t.  If players in those queues join a launched scenario or leave the queue, the victory points towards zone control will be forfeit.

In other words, using “Join All” to queue for all available scenarios is still the fastest way to get into a scenario, but joining the scenarios in a specific zone will have the greatest impact on control of that zone, and by extension the greatest impact on the campaign in that pairing.

Now… I would say something about this particularly. But I think Ark does it perfectly. This change, while being made for the best of intentions sounds a bit weird to me. Will see how it plays out before final judgement.

Archmage: Balance Essence: The damage of this ability has been increased.

Archmages rejoice!

The minimum number of players required to launch scenarios in Praag, Dragonwake and Thunder Mountain has been equalized to ensure even population distribution between all scenarios available when the campaign is in its default state.

Can we have this through all scenarios? We did Grovod Caverns and Serpent’s Passage with at least a 4 person disparity in numbers and they were no fun like that at all!

There’s also the usual small fixes and tweaks, so for the full story, go check out the Warhammer Herald and read through all the bits down to the bottom, I tried to stick to the ones that will effect people the most, and it’s already a hefty post!

4 Responses

  1. With the thing about the minimum number of players for Praag etc, I wonder if that means they are bringing the min down. Perhaps that’s why they don’t usually run, because there are other scenarios that have a smaller start number?

  2. All good in my opinion, I look forward to doing some T4 scenarios that aren’t Serpent’s Bloody Passage. The victory points from scenario queuing is necessary, otherwise people could just not queue for scenarios in contested zones that are near to being controlled by the enemy to prevent them from being captured. The other option of course would be to completely discount scenarios from zone control and have zones rapidly go into a controlled state once all objectives and keeps are held.

  3. Thanks for the link, Arbitrary!

    Kazok, there’s no need for zones to flip the moment all objectives are held. It can be a slow trickle of victory points for each that you control, just like in scenarios such as Nordenwatch. That would give folks more of an incentive to hold objectives and Keeps in open RvR, instead of running off to look for the next undefended one.

    What they’re planning to do will make it impossible for underpopulated sides, even ones more skilled than their enemy faction, to hold out against greater numbers.

  4. Balance essence? bleh, give me something that will mean a Witch Elf doesn’t have a 100% chance to kill me in 5 seconds (bear in mind these are level 40 ones with their epic quest procs and I’m only level 36)

    I wonder if the scenario thing works like this, as long as theres one scenario going on it doesn’t matter how many others are queing for the scenario they won’t get any victory points for queing. Well As long as they sort out the rotation that will be greatI’ve only played Thunder Valley (rubbish) Serpents Pass (I quite like it but its 95% of my T4 scenario experience) Logrins Hammer (so-so) and Grovod Caverns (quite good but the wall textures hurt my eyes and stupid collapsible bridges which don’t make sense)

    The teleport scrolls looks completely useless, except for your alts.

    Adding xp to battlefield objectives, well it should have always been there but it won’t help open RvR unless the rewards are significant especially when compared to scenarios and maybe not even then.

    The biggest improvement they could make to RvR is have a level 40 only queue which would allow you to play on all scenario maps in the game, I miss Tor Anroc and Phoenix Gate.

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