Attack of the RSS!

It’s quite a task when you go away to come back to thousands and thousands of things in your feed reader. And I’ve literally just started to go through them, because I want to read everything, some of it from blogs I’ve recently added, so I thought I’d make a post for me to link the highlights from the last few days, as I read through them. Stream of consciousness, hello!

Goblin Rampage has some comments on open RvR on Darklands (an Oceanic server), and it’ll mirror others’ experiences quite well. Looks like their Tier 4 is picking up now, just as ours is. Baby steps…

The Inevitable City has a whole bunch of interesting posts, including this one about wanting a feature to play your character phrases at appropriate times (ie. my Rune Priest would never say ‘Hello Handsome’ when I click on her for something). He follows up by listing all the Chaos female and Greenskin phrases.

Quick yay for Esri, published in Massive Gamer Mag!

A campaign I’m willing to get behind (as I know he’ll support tome unlocks for healers. rar!).. Warhammer Tank reminds us of why damage taken is a very important stat. Seriously, I think it does need to be looked at for renown and xp in RvR – and we were all shocked at the Herald hint on how to increase renown as a healer by looking after your dps’ers. Denizens of Xibalba agrees.

Keen made a stand-out post about Tier 4 open RvR. It mirrors how many are feeling. I think his decision to make an alt and keep an eye on it is a good one. We’ve done the same and in one day back home, I’ve done more open RvR than in the two weeks beforehand. Finishing (for me, but not for the warband) in a massive fight in Praag. Normality restored.

Skimming Massively (cos it’s too long to read it all), I see that in an interview with Ten  Ton Hammer Paul Barnett says that if you like dwarfs you possibly look like one. I admit it, I do! Ardua from Echoes of Nonsense.. doesn’t!

Onto Waaagh. Lots, of course. All good. Just read it. One I wish I’d read straight away – the 50 small attractions of WAR.

Now really, I went and read everything and it’s taken me quite some time. I wish I could link to every post I read and thought ‘hrrm, good point’, but then this post would become crazy! So this is just a quick run-through, and something I’ll perhaps do again every so often. We do read everything we can when not in-game, at work or actually being made to do nasty Real Life(TM) things.

Thanks to every member of the WAR community, or the general blogging or gaming community that fills my downtime with interesting content, that I simply couldn’t get elsewhere.

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  1. I clicked on my archmage and she said “Return later.” And I’m like … uh… OK

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