It had to happen eventually

I got a quest to kill a pig. I feel strangely vindicated.

The pig must die

The pig must die

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  1. Heh. My favorite was the quest in LOTRO which features an NPC who says he’s been told that THIS zone has no pigs and he doesn’t believe it. The quest objective is to spend 30 minutes in-game “searching” for the non-existant pigs, after which the quest giver asks if you really looked for pigs, rather than crafting or doing other things, and then awards you a quest complete. The satire of the pig-killing genre is blunted by the followup, which sends you to kill bears instead.

    P.S. Sadly, there don’t appear to be frozen pigs in WoW’s expansion. I’ve made a point of having my characters travel to Shadowmoon valley and kill a helboar for the final exp to get to level 70, in honor of the South Park episode. Apparently, the trend cannot continue. 😦

  2. Did that say to “remove their taint”???

  3. Oh, also, there’s a pig-related tome unlock, The Huntsman, for wandering through packs of pigs in order T1. Go figure.

  4. Slurm: Yes, they are not only pigs, but TAINTED pigs!

    That LOTRO quest sounds funny though. I never could believe the number of rangers who had lost their bows in that game!

  5. It’s in Evendim, Spinks – can show you the quest ;p You can’t imagine how region chat is infested with people asking where the pigs are as the timer runs out

  6. I just find it odd to see anything but level 1 ‘peasants’ in the game. Typically these npc’s are in level appropriate zones for the players, but doesn’t it seem odd that if you come up across even one of these ‘normal people’ at the wrong time, your armor clad gothic looking warrior might get the beat down of his life?!

    It just seems odd to me. Just as much as the random npc spawns.

  7. Forget the pigs. It’s the bears you have to watch.

    Normally my guilds arch-nemesi are the badgers, but we’ve not found any in WAR 😦 They’re there though, I’m sure. Hiding in their dark tunnels, waiting to pounce.

  8. Be on the lookout for Lean Boar Meat which can randomly drop from boars of that level. This will lead to a tome unlock which rewards this piece of jewelry:

    Part of a 2 piece set.

  9. In DAoC-Albion, you could go the entire game killing nothing but boars. I recall working that out before the expansion: there would ALWAYS be boars that would give you xp, from single-digit piglets to tuskers in the 40s.

    As Tony H says, I recall noticing the Altdorf “peasant” levels the first time. If the peasants in this town are higher level than I am, why are they having me run quests? Heck, why not send peasants out to clear those trolls?

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