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There’s been a ton of talk about open RvR in Tier 4 of late. Why? Because all us pesky early-adopters are hitting Tier 4 and we write and gripe about the things we do. And I do take the ‘wait-and-see’ approach, especially as there are more and more tentative forays into Tier 4 RvR all the time on our server, and I think it’ll be the same everywhere, though not always at the same timescale. Mythic knows there’s a problem, they’ll do their best to fix it. And people signing up generally want to play an RvR game, not a game of Serpent’s-Passage-till-your-eyes-bleed.

I do have one complaint about Tier 4 and the campaign there though, and I personally believe it’s a valid one. Why didn’t they train us in how it all works at the lower tiers? I mean, we got to understand capture the flag, the various ways and means to capture battlefield objectives and increasingly larger keeps. We got to learn about siege weaponry (love!) and postern doors, and yet, the moment you get into Tier 4 you get a whole new set of things to get your head around if you don’t go and read up everything there is to read across the web on it.

Zones being locked. It’s a bit of a mindfuck, when you’ve not really seen it before. And then the campaign moving elsewhere.. and yet you can still drift around the open RvR areas (I use drift because I have a gyro!), and not see anyone. Yes, it’s locked, but it feels strange, almost eerie. And you still get nice xp for scouting the objectives! And then instinctively knowing all the stages you need to go through to capture a zone or to head for the Inevitable City. I’m not stupid, but it is quite tricky to go from ‘wander anywhere and take whatever keep feels nice’ to being directed for the good of the final campaign. We’ll get there, but I wonder if there was any way to do it differently. And I wonder if that’s some of the reason the spontaneous open RvR isn’t as plentiful in Tier 4 as everyone seems to be reporting it is in Tier 3.

Anyway, just another quick thought from my weekend away from the game.

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  1. There’s also the fact that just because a map says it is locked doesn’t actually mean that it is.

    I believe the maps are bugged at the moment so pretty much everything views as locked even when Destruction and Order are breaking down the doors and killing those Keep Lords.

  2. It’ll be a while yet before I make my way to tier 4, but I am rather looking forward to it. As more of the populations gets up there, hopefully we’ll see some truly epic battles, though I do worry that the lower tiers will become as empty as the locked tier 4 RvR zones are now.

  3. The maps being bugged and/or locked not meaning what it says it means is pretty messed up. And you’re right about this all being non-intuitive.

  4. Amen! I *still* don’t understand the T4 stuff, and I was in beta and should probably know better (though I don’t recall it being all that obvious back then, either).

    Fortunately I don’t actually have any T4 characters yet, so all I’ve done is tool around on T4 coat-tails during attack-alerts. I *did* discover that you don’t have to be 40, or even 32, to contribute when the brown stuff hits the fan; at that point, every warm body in defense appears to be welcome, which was good news.

  5. Information on how to seize Altdorf/Inevitable City can be found [url=http://www.warhammeralliance.com/forums/showthread.php?p=2069711#post2069711]here[/url].

    [quote]• Keep in mind that a city capture is a long, multi-stage process that requires all of the following be satisfied:
    – You must capture two fortresses in tier 4 within 12 hours of each other.
    – To capture those fortresses, you must seize and hold the neutral tier 4 and your opponent’s zone in two of the three racial pairings (after which you only have 60 minutes to capture said racial fortress).
    – After all of this you fight in a contested, not captured, Altdorf/Inevitable City for control of the city, much in the same manner as a regular zone would be. In the case of Altdorf, after you have secured the city and the defending force is ejected from the city you have one hour to complete the Bright Wizard College and Sigmar’s Temple public quests. In the case of The Inevitable City,The Monolith and The Sacellum. Should you fail to beat these two Encounters within the hour, the city will be reopened to the defenders and they will be allowed to wipe out any attackers left in their City.
    – If you complete the two Encounters as an attacker however, you lock the city down for 20 -24 hours and get access to the King Instance..
    – Contribution points towards the capture of a city are scaled based on the population of both sides, not just one lump sum. This ensures that a defending force with smaller numbers has a fighting chance to hold off the invaders. However, you can overcome the scaling with a sufficiently large force.

    • In their current state, scenarios are providing more contribution points towards the capture of a city than open RVR or “fighting in the streets.” We are very closely monitoring this, though, and will reevaluate if we determine that changes are necessary.

    • We are aware that there is a concern about the time it takes to capture a Fortress. Fortresses are currently easier than intended and we’ll be making adjustments in the coming weeks.[/quote]

  6. Yup, they need a tutorial for those of us who aren’t mind readers.

  7. The whole explanation thing is one of the minor gripes I’ve had with the overall design of the game from the beginning. I thought WoW did a really good job of introducing certain elements such as tradeskills, understanding how transportation works, getting to a bank and the AH much sooner during your progression, etc through quests and other in-game guideposts.

    I think that getting this kind of stuff right just shows good design techniques overall and lord knows mythic has had enough time to think this stuff out in order to do a better job than they did.

    The T4 confusion is just another example of the same problem. It’s not game breaking really, it’s just something they should have handled a lttle better during the years and years of making the game. I shouldn’t have to go to outside websites to learn how to craft, where the hell the major cities are, or how to compete in ORVR in T4.

  8. The thing is, as people here have said, I get what you need to do, but I had to read how to do it, multiple times and I still won’t be fully clear until I am part of a city raid myself.

    That isn’t great design and strikes me as yet another reason Tier 4 has been underwhelming for some, though picking up…

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