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Russel Chalmier writes one of my favourite Dev Diaries so far. This is about the development of the Reikland Factory event scenario that is only going to be available during the Heavy Metal event in a couple  of weeks time. It’s very cool. He discusses how they decided to theme the scenario, background and setting, concept and prototype, and there’s lots of artwork. As a scenario fan, I’m still awed that we get an event scenario.

There is a Witching Night hotfix — the reward chests for the event PQ will now spawn in your warcamp and stay for 10 minutes. This is to address the problem of the other team camping the chest so that people couldn’t get to their rewards. (I have to compare how quickly Mythic addressed this issue with Blizzard’s complete lack of hotfix for people zombifying quest NPCs/ auctioneers/ etc).

Initial feedback on the US server transfers is very positive. Sounds as though they’re going smoothly and people are enjoying their new high population servers.

Lots of bloggers are deciding whether or not they’re having enough fun in WAR to keep writing about it/ playing it. I’m not linking to all the goodbye posts but we enjoyed reading all of your writing, will keep following the blogs if you keep writing, and think it’s very sensible not to play if you aren’t having fun.

Syncaine has a theory that all MMOs from here on in will need to plan for an influx of bored WoW players who will leave after the first month. I wouldn’t put the bloggers all in that camp but he has a good point.

I hear they’re having some kind of election in the US next week? And it seems like only yesterday they held the last one. If you’re interested in such things Bruce Schneier is hosting an election night thread at Making Light with chat, analysis, competitions. Sounds kind of fun actually.

Gamers in London totally fail to break the record for most DS players in the same room. The Guinness Book of Records is seriously losing it.

In the category of “Bizarre Civil Rights”, a Japanese man wants to marry a cartoon character. He doesn’t say which one.

The Brainy Gamer has some thoughts about how people identify with their characters in computer games and why roleplaying is so important.

Gamasutra has an interview with the lead writer for Star Wars: The Old Republic (Bioware’s upcoming MMO if you managed to somehow miss that announcement last week).

And if you haven’t yet had your fix of Halloween creepy stories , Weird Tales is letting people download a complete free issue.

NaNoWriMo starts today. Good luck to any budding speed novelists.

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  1. Lots of links, lots to talk about. I’ll pick on thing to bring up. Server population.

    The server mergers is somewhat concerning, but it makes you feel like the game is dieing before it even had time to live. For the DAOC players, I know a lot of us are really enjoying the game, but it seems like the big numbers have come and gone, and now it seems like our game is going to reside as just another entry in the little fish pond.

    Everquest 2, Vanguard, Age of Conan and now Warhammer. All games with good to decent launches, and then the population crashed after the first month. Freaky. That link about Bored WoW players might have more truth to it then some might think.

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