[WoW] Picking an alt to fight the Lich King

I figure I’ll allow myself one WoW post per week, since we do want to focus on Warhammer here but also it seems daft if we don’t talk about other games we are playing. I’ll tag these posts with [WoW] in the header so that they’re easy to avoid if you aren’t interested. I always said that I planned to resub to WoW when the expansion comes out, and that’s still true. But despite the big new patch, Halloween event, and zombies, I still haven’t been tempted to hit that resub button just yet.

Player vs Developer has some insightful comments on where the Hallows End incentives failed. For me personally, I killed that dratted Headless Horseman about 100 times last year to get drops I wanted and help my guildies do the same and feel zero urge to do the same again. Ever. I still think it’s a cool event and a cool concept, just don’t want to do it.

Achievements are similarly a cool concept that I have no desire to do. Sure I’ll get the achievements that match things I planned to do anyway but there are guys in my guild who are plotting out how to get their 50 mounts achievement before the expansion and do all sorts of other totally pointless grinds. My reaction is “Why, precisely?” I fear I am just too pragmatic for achievements, or maybe not enough of an achiever. It’s hardly my fault that the game is too dumb to know I’ve run all of its instances on a number of alts over the past X years – this does not make me want to go back and repeat it though.

I also posted a comment in Tobold’s open questions thread this Sunday about something that has been on my mind recently. To whit, what am I actually looking forwards to in WotLK and which character will I play first. You can read his answer here – mine has a different tone because I’ve already done most of the things I wanted to do in WoW. I’ve raided hardcore; I’ve seen all the regular and most of the raid instances both at level 60 and 70; I’ve played a tank, a healer, and a dps class; I’m not big on WoW PvP but I’ve run lots of battlegrounds; I’ve done lots of rep grinds and most of the quests.

Another blogger who’s looking to Lich King is Hudson of Hudson’s Hideout. His plan is to try to recapture the fun he had at launch. And he’s decided that the best way to do this is to play the averages and pick a server, class, guild etc to maximise his chances to do what he wants. It all sounds terribly grim (but logical). This above all is the game that Warcraft has become and the feeling of dread and unfun I got from reading his post encapsulates everything I dislike about the game. I wish him luck, raiding is fun and whether or not it’s worth all that work is going to be a subjective judgement.

See my underpopulated side on my RP server is full of cool and funny people and I ain’t rerolling on no stupid high pop RvR server. My overpopulated class is very fun to play. My goal with WoW now is to never again sacrifice fun for progression. I will do what is fun, and when (not if)  I get frustrated I’ll go kick some Destros around in WAR. I will not spend 20 hours in Alterac Valley for S1 gear again just because Blizzard was arsey and didn’t provide me any fun ways to get my weapons. (I don’t grind scenarios in WAR either. I play some with guildies because it’s fun and when it stops being fun I do something else instead.)

Things I am looking forwards to

The levelling content from 70-80. It’s what Blizzard does best and it’s worth the price of WotLK entry to me, for a month at least. Blizz did a great job burning me out on instances in the last expansion so unless these ones are exceptional I’ll happily solo or duo (with my husband) and enjoy the new zones and quests in peace.

Death Knight. Course I’m looking forwards to trying out the new class. So that’ll be just me and the other 11 milion then. (But what were they thinking to only have 1 new class? LOTRO got this right: 1 tank hybrid and 1 healer hybrid.)

Touching base with my guild again. They’re nice guys. I wouldn’t pay just to chat to them in game but it’s a nice bonus.

It’s interesting to me that I’m not overly enthused about playing any of my characters in the expansion. I like them all fine, just … can’t say I really miss them.

So which character to play?

I have three level 70s on Hordeside. And I like all of them. There’s a warrior, a druid, and a warlock that I levelled just before I quit because my husband really really wanted a shadow priest and I thought they’d make a good duo (they do).

I will almost certainly go with the warrior first. Partly because she’s forsaken and the roleplayer in me thinks it’s more appropriate for an undead character to get to follow her destiny in Northrend. If you’re not a WoW-head (and yet somehow have kept reading this far), the Lich King is personally responsible for the death and subsequent rebirth as undead of the playable forsaken characters. So getting revenge on him is a pretty upclose and personal goal. Having skimmed forums, Protection and Fury spec for warriors both look solid in the expansion and since I have played and liked both specs (and have gear for both), it’s a nice safe choice. ie. I won’t suddenly find that I hate it.

The downside is … there are going to be a LOT of tanks in the next expansion and the new class overlaps totally on the plate-wearing tank/dps role. That means for warriors another expansion of struggling to get groups, which is what soured me on the Fury spec last time. Grouping is not my current primary objective in the game so I can live with that.

Druid? The main thing that puts me off levelling my druid is that Blizzard have already announced that they plan to totally redesign healing sometime next year. I don’t see much point putting any effort into my cute tree-cow until I see what they have planned and can decide whether their idea of making healing more fun is the same as mine.

As for the warlock, the main thing in its favour (you can tell the character is male because I always refer to it as an it) is that it’s a very laid back solo class. I expect it’ll get specced for demonology and played when hubby decides he’s in a priesting mood. I was never totally struck on the class but it’s fine.

You can probably tell from the writing style but I am suffering a severe lack of enthusiasm for Warcraft. However, I do know that I will get my money’s worth for a month and it’s fun to level alts with my husband so I don’t have any qualms about resubbing.


4 Responses

  1. Thanks for the pingback. One thing I have to comment on is that I am playing what I want, the mage, to AVOID playing my warrior and getting stuck in that circumstance where I play what is dictated by my guild or friends. Also, I thought that the gear would be hard to get but they HAVE made it somewhat easier.

    Over the past week I have upgraded to two purples by running…5 mans. You simply collect the badges from bosses and spend them for NICE gear. Everything has been nerfed right now in the old content. People are cruising through this stuff. They are adding smaller 10 mans of larger uber raids that you can group up for, get badges and gear in.

    They ARE making strides, and I used to be VERY anti PVP grind but now it is easy with dailies and such to get some things you need. I had to research and really pay attention, but massive changes have been made and you should always have PLENTY to do in game. Remember not to give up once you hit 80. The ability to get things done is there.

  2. Like I say, I wish you the best of luck. Although I don’t think we can predict anything about the ease of gearing up at 80 with how easy it is at the moment. I remember the beginning of TBC all too well.

  3. Tree-cow. Love it 🙂

  4. I hope you play a game that inspires you… one that makes you look forward to logging in, and you enjoy your time with the people you play with. Play for fun!!

    Don’t re-sub if you hate WOW, you almost sounded resigned and disappointed to be going back in this blog, as well as looking forward to levelling. I admitted to my WOW guildies that WAR has been a bit of a disappointment for me so far… but in for a penny, in for a pound, I’ve a 6 month subscription!! Maybe if Mythic get some cash in they will fix a lot of issues and it won’t feel so much like a beta.

    Right now I’m looking forward to hitting Northrend, and giving it all my energy. I’ve enjoyed the blog so I’m really happy to see [WOW]. Keep up the posts… I’ll look forward to reading them. Perhaps a more critical eye will keep me grounded!

    My tip (if you resubscribe to WOW) would be to get the ‘Quest Helper’ mod to power through Outland, who knows maybe WOW’s interface overhaul (that they are keeping secret and may have been inspired by Mythics excellent interface!) will mean ‘Quest Helper’ is not required. You have 3 70’s you’ll know most of the quests already. I had 3 myself till 2 weeks ago, and I took my Pre BC 60 to 70 in 1 Sunday and 5 evenings!! Fair enough I was decked out in pre-BC epics (why I didnt level him before!!) so I expect my DK will fly through Outland as well. Perhaps having dual talent specs will mean I’ll be able to use levelling/instancing specs if Blizzard keep their promise with this one!

    It looks like all the + damage + XP modifiers are on in the areas in Outland (or they were for my alliance character), so hopefully this stays the same when WotLK come out.

    I suggest rolling a scourge Death Knight for RP you crave… give yourself a reason to get to the end game through the Lore and quests. I believe that DK’s are pretty formidable…..I’m making a human one and going back for the ‘Classic’ reputation quests… I love the fact my Paladin has the ‘Ambassador’ title and want the same for my Death Knight.

    I believe Blizzard have focused their quests more… WAR is everywhere and so is the Lich King. A guildie has been in the beta for a while and says that the difference in questing quality is massive… And the Lich King is Everywhere….


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