Hallowe’en baby

It’s an aye-aye (thanks commenters – was originally told it was an opossum), but if I was trick or treating age, this is the picture I’d want to see!


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  1. awwww!

    I think that’s actually an aye-aye, a lemur (primate) from Madgascar. They are unfortunately, highly endangered, at least in part because some people in Madagascar are afraid of them and kill them on sight.

    more info: http://animals.nationalgeographic.com/animals/mammals/aye-aye.html

    • That’s not an aye-aye. This is an American opossum. Superficially they resemble aye-ayes, but typically the opossum has white facial colouring and smaller ears than the aye-aye. The really glaring difference between this animal and an aye-aye is that the aye-aye has a long bony middle digit on one hand which it uses to tap on tree trunks “sounding” for hollows where grubs live, which it then digs out with the sharp claw that tips that finger. It fills an evolutionary niche similar to that of a woodpecker.

    • your a dumbass thats a possum

    • your the dumbass i was referring to. thats a possum

  2. Goes that baby have a nose ring ? Parents are so irresponsible nowadays !

  3. Think its an aye-aye as well. How could anyone be afraid of something so adorable? Cultural differences, I guess.

  4. That is cute! how can people be afraid of that…? oh great… now i have ‘I like to move it’ stuck in my head… damned lemur-like things, hee hee.

  5. its because of their strange appearance – the local tribes-people believe that they are demons!

  6. Crikey, that is a scary looking beastie!!

  7. awww they can’t help it – its how mother nature shaped them!

  8. Holy crap is that thing cute.

  9. If you notice on both of its claws it has a thin non furred digit that’s a bit longer and used for scrapping out bugs and grubs from holes to eat 🙂

    They are really ugly critters though nothing compared to that Sloth who was adorable 🙂

  10. um that isnt an aye aye thats a possum

  11. thora that is a possum not an aye aye

  12. yeah..thats totally a possum, there is no way thats an aye aye..two very different looking creatures

  13. Yup a giant opossum!!!

  14. Virginia oppossum. I have worked with a plethora of them.

  15. Opossum, definitely, do an image search for aye ayes, then one for opossums,

  16. Yep definitely an opossum. NOT an aye aye

  17. that poor thing he looks sick
    i put it as my moms screen saver that should scare her hahaha.

  18. Aye Aye’s are small and have very little dark hair and bulging green eyes. They look sort of like some freakish goblin, or Gollum from Lord of the Rings. This is a cross-eyed possum. I’m not even exactly sure how this was mistaken for an Aye Aye lemur to begin with.

  19. Definitely a possum. One I have personally laid hands on, actually. She resides at Game Park Safari in Bandon, Oregon.
    More pics of said Possum: http://pics.livejournal.com/sarmonster/pic/0001wsfb

    Ayeayes are smaller, have one very long middle finger, and are generally dark gray or brown in color (not white).

  20. This is not an aye-aye. Any primatologist reading some of these comments would cringe and maybe cry.

  21. e.e How could someone think this was an aye-aye? It’s a possum, people.

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