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Want to change the GOA website?

What started as a smallish petition created by Penlin over at Freddyshouse has become somewhat bigger, leading Magnus to comment on the thread:

I’ve passed this petition along to people within GOA and we’ll be following it. Not that it’s really needed – we’re keenly aware of the general perception of our webpage as it is.

Obviously, Community Management have compiled many reports on this topic and we’ve continuously worked for a change. Events have recently taken a turn for the better and I’ve gained renewed hope for a real change. There’s really nothing conclusive I can share on this at the moment but I certainly will as soon as I’m in liberty to do so.

Do know that this is something close to my heart and we’re pulling all the strings we can here. 

So while our fellows in the US are voting on somewhat more serious matters, let’s see if we can amass some votes for getting rid of the war-europe annoying Flash! Use your vote wisely, all.


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  1. I signed it. Every time I need to visit the site I need to change from Chrome to Firefox.

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