1.05 – on its way

Mark Jacobs has stopped by the Vault boards to offer a sneak preview of patch 1.05, a seemingly bigger patch than I think any of us expected before 1.1 hits in December. It’s apparently over 17 pages long, and more news will be coming later today – US players will also get a chance to see the changes first on a preview server. I’m not even going to ask if the EU gets the same.. I think we khave a vague idea of the answer. The highlights of Mark’s post mention:

  • Public Test Server (as mentioned above)
  • Morale abilities fixed to show proper timers and fire off at the right times (glorious change, will see though!)
  • Rally points at every warcamp, soon allowing multiple bind points to make travelling to and from the action faster and less annoying (we approve of less annoying)
  • additional gold bag at all keep takes (those classes that do well at keep contribs, be happy!)
  • fixed problems with abilities or animations not firing or ending. Also fixing the ‘ability not ready’ message to synch in with global cooldown and not display if time remaining is less than GCD.
  • more solutions to afks in scenarios – which honestly, we’ve not seen so many of since the last rounds of fixes, but hey, it can never be a bad thing to stop people doing it!


All classes have had some abilities buffed and some abilities have been debuffed a bit. For example, the Squig Herder has gotten 30+ adjustments to its abilities. Out of those 30+ adjustments, the phase “damage has been increased” shows up about 80% of the time. As part of this update, the team has looked at every career in the game and made adjustments. Things such as Electromagnet, Fire Cage and snares/roots in general have drawn particular attention from the team and have had numerous changes/fixes made to them. Of course, where major changes have occurred to the careers a free re-training has been offered. Tomorrow’s notes will detail all of the changes and considering that the career changes are about 14 out of those 17+ pages, I think you can say that we made a whole lot of changes.

So expect many changes, I’ll be interested to read the full notes but wanted to give a quick preview before I head off for a very very long day at work!

MJ also relents enough to give Vault readers a quick preview of what is in store for Electromagnet:

Electromagnet: The cost has been reduced significantly. The cooldown has been increased. The build time has been increased. The ability can no longer be cast on the move. The pull-in maximum number of targets has been decreased and can now be defended against.

There’s also some clarification on the Public Test Server over at Warhammer Alliance – it’ll be up for periods of time only, when big changes need to be tested by as many as possible.


3 Responses

  1. I’m glad they’re putting up a test server (although my first reaction was also ‘we won’t get one in europe!’) because this sort of stuff needs to be tested a bit.

    Looking forwards to seeing the full patch notes. And the gold bags for keep takes is good — I’m still bitter that the single sole time I ever came top of a keep take PQ, the bags were all green.

  2. Playing on Pendragon (USA DAoC server) was pretty fun — it even had its own community. I didn’t play there all the time but certainly enjoyed the time I spent there. Helping to test New Frontiers was especially fun 🙂

    I hope this patch breaths some new life into Warhammer. It does seem to be losing players, and I can’t really put my finger on ‘why’. Suddenly all the things people enjoyed about the game initially (scenarios, Public Quests) appear to be becoming bugbears!

    I’m also hoping for some Warrior Priest loving. Fixing my armour prayer would be very nice — supposed to reach 120 feet, it actually reaches approximately 1.2 feet. Somebody dropped a bollock with a decimal place methinks.

    Also some changes to either increase healing in tier 4 or reduce caster damage would be appreciated. Everybody whinges about Bright Wizards but tier 4 Sorcerers seriously put the hurting out.

  3. Please don’t increase healing i have enough trouble killing healers as it is.

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