After playing WAR for just over a month, I thought I’d knock up something quick with a list of things I miss from the other MMOs I’ve played (DAoC, WoW, LotRO and a month of Vanguard)?

  • Darkness Falls (RvR dungeon, for those that don’t know)
  • Relic Raids (don’t mock! -DAoC)
  • A class with speed (go go minstrel in Vanguard, especially)
  • Summoning (LotRO, WoW)
  • Epic storyline instances (LotRO)
  • Class-specific questlines (DAoC, LotRO)
  • A hand-to-hand class (DAoC)

It’s easy to add sarcastic ones too – like good community, though truthfully our server community is really picking up in Tier 4 as we get to know one another.. which is something we didn’t need to as much in the lower tiers.

And other than Darkness Falls, this isn’t meant as a wishlist for Warhammer Online. As previously mentioned I don’t really want it to mimic every game I’ve played before, but to stand out on its own. It’s just little stuff that I miss.

With a complete sense of freedom not to defend or explain your choices, and following my ‘one-liner’ pattern, is there anything you especially miss from other games?


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  1. Good points. I’d like to add a City of Heroes-like option to sidekick somebody and temporarily raise their level, and an option to lower your own level if grouping with lower tier people.

    Some more dungeons, preferably instanced, would be nice too. A WoW style meeting stone would be handy to get groups together. I do miss the social aspect of the game … in fact I grouped with some people at the start of tier 3 with my high tier 3 character just to do some socialising, never mind the xp!

  2. Flying Mounts (WoW)

    Housing (DaoC)

    A LFG tool/channel (any game ever except WoW)

    I really hope we get a Darkness Fallsesque dungeon too, I’ll be surprised if it doesn’t happen.

    On the other hand, I now want WAR-ish siege engines in every other game I play! And I miss my AM mechanic when I’m not playing it.

  3. I really enjoyed the Task Forces from City of Heroes. They were a series of short instances liked by a storyline. The most similar thing WAR offers is the PQs/WAR story in the Tome of Knowledge, but it doesn’t reach the level of immersion and involvement of the Task Forces.

  4. Gah! First I was channeling Syp, now I’m channeling you! I’d like to point out in my defense that my own post (which looks frighteningly like yours, though it’s actually not quite about the same thing) was written yesterday and scheduled for posting this morning.

    Still, I am worried. I think I am becoming a Blog Pod Person.

  5. A choice of different weapons for a character.
    Item linking in chat.
    Large Dungeons.
    Mobs that have interesting abilities.
    A mob called lag to mercilessly kill.

  6. I like instances from DAOC. Missions took a few minutes, but you got a lot of experience, and usually a decent story went along with it. Maybe your saving the day, or the cause of a plague. In general, it’s fun, it’s entertaining, and it means I don’t fight with people over spawns.

    What I do like is the Open Groups. It means it’s usually easier to get into PQ’s and RvR because people don’t care and you just jump in and run!

  7. What is a relic raid? also, Lotro has an RVR dungeon and DnD online has a hand to hand class now. And Everyone can have speed in City of Heroes, though I’m not sure what kind of “speed” you’re talking about.

  8. Thallian, I was mentioning the things I liked in games I played, not trying to make a complete list of all the games with these features.

    Relic raids in DAoC were kind of like capture the flag, the relic was kept in a special relic keep and once you captured the other teams’ relic, you had to make your way back to a capture keep. it led to frenzied open RvR.

    LotRO does have an RvR dungeon, but really, I haven’t seen too much RvR in it, just the odd bit of clearing up once the other side has it. Also it has limited bosses, and it’s quite small. Darkness Falls was huge and there were some really good skirmishes in it.

    I don’t play D&D Online or City of Heroes, so I didn’t mention features from those. I was referring to speed such as the hunter runspeed in WoW, or the minstrel/skald group speed buffs in DAoC.

  9. DF was such a great dungeon. If WAR were to add somthing similar I might just resubscribe to give it a shot.

    Some of my favorite PvP experiences have occurred in settings like DF where two hostile groups doing PvE stuff bump into each other and duke it out. As both sides call in guildies for reinforcements you suddenly turn the whole zone into a war zone. Good stuff.

  10. Great blog, I love it. Added to blogroll.

    I sort of miss some of the features of FFXI. Their crafting system was great, just a bit tough. It was the most rewarding MMO I ever played but I don’t miss the self-punishment.

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