Order pushes on to the Inevitable City on US Volkmar

I think I’m mostly impressed that they had the patience to farm the ward gear to kill the fortress lords. Here’s a couple of threads about it, on WHA and the Vault. I’m assuming they’re working the PQs to control the city at the moment, hopefully we’ll find out more during the day.

For Sigmar!


4 Responses

  1. […] Everyone was busy? […]

  2. My server ftw ❤

  3. With all the complaining about how it’s near impossible to flip a zone since one of the recent patches and seeing fruitless attempts to flips zones first hand, this is rather impressive and surprising news. I may just have to make a rank 1 on that server or hit up their realm forum and ask for tips.

  4. I think some servers are still buggy and not locking zones down properly.

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