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Everyone playing the game (well, let’s say the vast majority) will be a paying customer of Mythic – and a goodly number will also be a paying customer of GOA. Yes, 8th Nov was the last day of free play for CE pre-orders in Europe, after all the compensatory free time.

Numbers, I imagine, will fluctuate a little between now and the 1.1 patch that some are waiting on, or the game maturing into heavy open RvR as more and more hit the level cap. But for now, it’s fairly significant that those playing are also paying for it.

I’ve been fairly reticent about how long I’ll sub for, but in the end, I paid for 6 months. I’ve been enjoying the game more since I got a bit further along in it and discovered I wasn’t alone in some of my frustrations with soloing and questing generally. I enjoy the RvR, I don’t mind scenarios (but I can’t take more than a few of them in one session), and I’m willing to give it a shot, even though I will be playing Moria too in LotRO (like Spinks, I’ll note in the header if I ever choose to write about LotRO instead, so you can skip if you like, but I’m quite private about my LotRO stuff!).

I’m still a little concerned with GOA, and some of the issues haven’t yet been addressed. Communication still isn’t great, and is mostly reactive. It took 5 weeks for them to sort out my guild’s standard bearer issue (finally done last night – yay), though in-game GMs generally have been speedy and great. The website is still rubbish and actually put off someone I know from subbing because it went screwy just as they went to sub. We have no realm war pages, despite being told they were coming ‘soon’ or ‘next week’ hrrm.. longer ago that I care to remember. And complaining feels like the biggest grind. Because we get fobbed off, and nothing changes.

As if to highlight concerns, today’s GOA news is:

Tonight an issue with our account system occured that prevents new and renewed accounts to get access to our game servers even when all data were correct. We are working on this issue and will update you with the progress.

I still paid up. I did have a little thought of moving to a US server, but really – that would bring along its own problems and I’m in no way willing to give up my friends, which are more important to me than the problems listed above. But I’d like to see some improvement, now I’m a paying customer.

Edit: GOA sorted out the account issues by lunchtime and gave anyone affected a free day of play.


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  1. Move to Red Eye Mountain and play with us, Arb! It’s been a while, but I hope you are doing well. I’m glad you didn’t lose hope for WAR – they will fix it soon enough.

  2. I gained hope actually, thus the 6 month sub!!

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