Magnus responds to customer concerns

It may have escaped your notice, but European players have a few concerns about GOA’s management of Mythic’s game. Recently there’s been a petition about the website, and long threads on both WHA and the Vault detailing player concerns. As expected, now the weekend is over, Magnus has stepped out to comment on the WHA thread.

It’s undeniably placatory in tone, promising good service, explaining why there have been delays in hotfixes and patches. Promising better communication between Mythic and GOA, telling us they know there’s a problem with the website. We won’t get a test server for 1.05 but it’s being looked at. Server transfers are on the way which we can now read about on their website.

And hey, guess what? You know that Realm War page that Magnus has told us frequently will be coming ‘next week’ – now it’s in internal testing and he really enjoys playing with it. How nice. Any reason it wasn’t up all those weeks ago when we were promised it? And you know what – he hopes to bring us more information about it… NEXT WEEK. Phrases I wish could be obliterated from his vocabulary include ‘next week’.

No.. we’re on only the good news here, kids. And it is a good, solid PR post. It doesn’t cover the lack of communication from GOA, which is one of my primary concerns – the fact I mostly check the US Herald for game news, and then just use GOA occasionally, via the RSS feed. And we’ll see. They’re very good at making us hope things are about to get better. I really hope they are.

But it doesn’t address the fact that much of this could have been in place before the game was launched. It’s not like the Realm War page wasn’t being asked for the MOMENT the US announced theirs. The website has always been held under derision by the community. We’re 6 weeks into the game being live, and there’s still no real end in sight. In fact, there’s no sign at all the website will change from the Flash-horror that it is, just that they have enough feedback to fill a medium size library about how much we all hate it.

It is a good post, but it smacks of PR. We’ll see by what actually changes.


11 Responses

  1. The web-site has never been a problem for me to view. The lack of realm WAR is a bit more of a problem, but as said by others its candy. Regarding patches and hot fixes, we get them a bit later than the US, what is it with people that can’t wait that long? We were promised similtaneous patches, but its nothing to get truely upset about. The server transfers are upsetting makison (and other people who want two core rp servers for a bit of other side action), well at least on the WHA boards and it seems a bit too much of a fuss is being made rumouring on how bad precept have made everything (They haven’t).

  2. Fhel, I’m not actually bothered about many of these changes. But I am bothered by being told they’re changing and being fixed week after week and then not seeing anything come of it.

    The website is fine for me, but not for others. It’s been a pain, people have complained about it for months now.

    The Realm War page has been being promised for at least a month… I’m tired of hearing next week and don’t care if we have one or not, as it’s just a bit of e-peening.

    Server transfers aer needed for those on low server pops, regardless of the specific RP circumstances and situation.

    I want GOA to deliver on promises, or simply not make them. I’ve subbed for 6 months, it’s not driven me away – but doesn’t mean I can’t comment on it.

  3. I’m not bothering to check the WAR-Europe page any more, the lack of updates and flash structure make me annoyed every time.

    We have been promised revamped website, Realm WAR, pretty much everything, and now test server. But we haven’t seen anything yet.

  4. Fair enough, I had just read the comment thread after magnus had responded and some people would have you know that its the end of the world. Maybe i was a bit zealous in my defence, soz.

  5. Darn right the transfer thing is upsetting Makaisson.

    They’ve given up on us, today removing our xp and renown bonuses, and soon there’ll be a great big 20% bribe for everyone to move to Burlok.

    Servers need to exist in pairs. What is the point of having Makaisson as an empty husk of a server?

  6. Speaking of petitions, we’ve set one up to save Makaisson.

    Please sign it if you want us to continue to have two viable core RP servers.

  7. Have signed it Arkenor, I agree. And I had my Dest alts on Makaisson as did the rest of the guild who had them!

  8. Thanks Arbitrary. Perhaps it’s not too late for GOA to rethink their strategy.

  9. I see nothing in there that we have not seen before from GOA. More self-serving claptrap about how things are “nearly” ready. Just give us a little more of your time and money and things will be ok, maybe, soon, you can trust me, I haven’t been feeding you the same bucket of bullshit for 3 months, honest…

  10. As far as I’ve seen we don’t have the numbers to support two active RP servers, now theres two ways of solving that.

    1) Get new subscribers

    2) Close down a partly populated realm and merge it.

    I am actually in favour of them closing down the least populated of the two RP core rule servers and merging them to one fully functioning one.

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