New CM for Europe

Joining Magnus (and I guess replacing Iain C), we can now welcome Nic as a CM for GOA.

It’ll be up on the GOA website soon! For now, you can go there to see confirmation that 1.04b will be patched onto the Euro servers tomorrow, as expected.

Now, let’s hope the additional member of the CM team hots up communication and we get all the stuff that’s being talked about.


7 Responses

  1. Is it true that he will be joining “next week”?

  2. Did they ever announce IanC as officially canned? He just sort of faded away as I recall.

  3. While I’m glad they’ve doubled their number of community managers, they need to do a whole lot more than double their amount of communication.

    I’m tired of platitudes. I want them to listen.

  4. “Iain is still about, working behind the scenes. As always before, he’s a highly valued member of our team and I know I speak for us all when I say that he’s a source of inspiration to us all – gladly sharing his unequalled knowledge and understanding of WAR, communities and basically any topic under the sun.”

    Just depends whether you believe it or not.

  5. In other words we moved him side ways because he probably told them they were doing a crap job and they didn’t like it 😉

    They’d probably even call it a “promotion”

  6. What I’d like is for one of them to dare to step into the Makaisson WHA forum, and listen to us. We’re being met by a wall of silence at the moment.

  7. I’m not sure that I understand what you’d like to happen. The game doesn’t work well on low pop servers, they’re offering people a free transfer to a livelier one (and Burlok is really fun). I’d say take them up on it.

    Do you think they don’t know the numbers? I mean, you say there has been an influx but they’re very well aware of how many people play on each server.

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