Ultimate cassock devastation

Wotcha everyone,

I am beginning to wonder if my shiny Devastator Cassock is *actually* made of albatross feathers, and should be worn principally around the neck…  Let me explain…

I went on a Tier 3 Open RvR jolly a couple of weeks ago.  I was barely level 19, and went along expecting fun and frivolity whilst mooching a bit of renown for my poor, underappreciated Renown Rank.

Imagine my surprise, then, when I manage to win a purple bag after we’ve all given a Keep Lord a good drubbing.  At the same time as imagining myself with a “Gosh!” face on, you might also want to spare a moment to imagine the gnashing of teeth from all those people who felt they contributed a lot more than I did.

Fear not, teeth-gnashers.  Your revenge started the moment I took possession of that bag.  For inside it was the Devastator Cassock.  It’s got lovely stats.  It might even look good when worn, and dyed yellow.

It’s also Rank 27, and Renown Rank 26.

At the time, Hawley was Rank 19, and Renown Rank 16.

Now, I had been thinking of raising Hawley’s Renown Rank, but 10 levels seemed a bit…  daunting.  In a “grinding Renown” sort of way.  And, as anyone would, I’d like to be able to wear the item at the start of Rank 27, so I can get the most out of it.

The solution is simple, I’m sure.  Run scenarios.  It’s supposed to be the optimal way to level anyway, but the annoying thing is that I like variety.  It’s the Lemon Pepper of life, after all.  I enjoy doing quests.  The random nature of running about, following the bullet points to trez and xp (reading quests is for njubs, grandma!) is quite appealing.  I can switch my brain off and watch tv at the same time.  It’s relaxing.

But it only gives xp, not renown, and I need the renown far more than the xp.  In point of fact, it’s quite a novel situation; I have a levelling character that is running *away* from xp.

Open RvR isn’t so much of an option, seeing as most of the people I usually group with are now Tier 4.  And I’m too old, grumpy, and unsociable to go pugging for open RvR.  I get cranky having to watch my language around people who may well be a third of my age, and should be discovering such language for themselves (and probably thinking that they’re inventing swearing).

So scenarios it is.  Now, I generally enjoy scenarios.  They’re fun, they’re fast, and they’re frenetic.  They’re great to do whilst…  Yeah, whilst questing.  Being sat there twiddling my thumbs whilst waiting for the next scenario to pop is beginning to grate.  It’s taken a fun thing to be involved in, and turned it into a grind.

I hate feeling like I *have* to grind.  I play to have fun, and grinding isn’t fun.  I don’t want to come home from work and continue working (just without the prospect of real, filthy lucre).  I want to go and do things that take my mind *away* from the daily grind.

So I’m sat here, giggling.  The irony of it all overwhelms me.  I have a fantastic piece of kit, that I will probably never wear.  That would have done someone else far more use, as they would have happily ground their Renown Rank high enough, if it wasn’t already.

Heheh.  Heheh.  Heheheh.

Ah, don’t worry.  I’ll suck it up, and do more scenarios.  And stop being so whiny about it all.


10 Responses

  1. Yes I remember thinking those requirements were quite harsh. And it feels rough to have won a cool gold bag and find that the thing in it is … barred from you for some reason.

  2. heh, I think Spinks’ example of that happening to her last night is more extreme. She won a gold bag in a ch20 PQ and got something for dark elves in it!!!!!!!

  3. I’ve never won a gold bag in a keep but I got my first blue the other day! Awesome I thought! Then I saw the stats, Int – yeah ok kewl I’m a sorceress.

    and weapon skill.


    Melee mage?

  4. hit them with that staff – that’s what it’s there for!

    that 27/26 seems a bit buggy – it’s usually at least 3 RR’s below the level requirement for the renown gear (it was changed from 1 level below a few beta stages before live) – maybe worth sending some feedback on it?

  5. Suck it up Hawls and get in those scenarios trooper!

    heh I’ve not grinded scenarios at all just queuing for them while doing other things and my renowns been good it has infact kept up with the actual rank of the items which it rewarded me with from the vendors 🙂

    Just hit renown rank 35 about a week after hitting rank 40

  6. My renown rank never kept up with the items i got, I’ve got a chestpiece sitting in my bank that i got the renown rank for like 6 levels after it was any good for me. The problem seems to be that those rewards only reward people who dedicate an awful lot of time to scenarios. It was the same with the annihilator stuff, rank 35 rr 31 but at least those are still useful at rank 40 (which is when i got renown rank 31).

  7. Eh, I’d either sell it (if it isn’t bound) or just bank it and forget about it. Then someday when you finally have the levels to use it, you’ll come across it in the bank, and it’s Christmas all over again.

    In any case, don’t let one piece of shiny change your gameplay to the point that it’s not enjoyable.

  8. If you don’t like it..then just stop it ..that’s my advice.

    I have won a purple loot bag in a keep takeover and just keep the bag until I reach the level requirements. It’s no need to hurry to reach some rank just to equip something and forget about what is fun for you.

    Maybe I’m just too much a dwarf..too stubborn to let a piece of equipment define my sense of fun 😉

  9. Sounds like you are experiencing the renown nerf that all healers got. Mythic doesn’t love us! *cry*

  10. Don’t bother.

    NOTHING is worth taking the fun out of a game. I learned that the hard way =/

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