More Healers’ Rights!

Those of you who’ve followed the blog for quite sometime might remember an old post dating from September. Wow, that really is old! Anyway, in this post I griped a bit about the lack of tome unlocks for healers.

It’s taken a while for the meme to get out there, and let’s face it, my post had nothing to do with this at all, but there’s a similar thread over at the Vault at the moment. Now THAT’s how to get Mark Jacobs’ attention, not in some blog post on a little out-of-the-way blog!! If you check that thread, Mark’s replied saying he’ll look into it.

I know there are concerns that healing unlocks wouldn’t be open to everyone. But really, the ones for killing blows aren’t especially open to me, as things stand.

So keep up the momentum, and maybe we’ll get some achievements for healing/rezzing/whatever else it is we want them for.  I still want them, so off to post in that thread with my support!


6 Responses

  1. Yay! More achievements would be cool!

  2. Too right. I’m especially interested in logging the number of whines I get about being a bad healer — could be awesome titles for that.

    “The Inept”
    “The Other Side of the Zone”
    “The DPSing Priest”

    Must be more… 😀

  3. Oo, maybe they could include achievements for whining too.

  4. I have to agree about the whines.

    Conversation goes something like this in a scenario …

    Other Player> Healers ?
    Me> Yes ?
    Other Player>Your Not Healing Very Much
    Me>Thats because there is one RP and Archmage between 12 players …. do the maths.

    Seriously don’t get me started on the idiots I have to deal with … I think there should be a non healer training school.

    0. At the start of the scenario, look at the no. of healers in the group (s). If its low, then boy you are in trouble.
    1. Be aware of where you are in relation to everyone else (Don’t wander off).
    2. If you can’t see anyone else, then its highly unlikely you are going to healed. I am not going to chase your ass over the map, to heal you at the expense of everyone else on my healgrid.
    3. If you are 100 feet from your healers but don’t have line of sight, don’t expect to be healed, the number of healing options that don’t require line of sight are very low and not normally high use abilities.
    4.If your health is low, for godsake don’t run back in, let the HOTs do their work.
    5. If you are tank, learn to bounce into their lines. Go in, come out. If you are the only sucker in their lines, then its unlikley you can be healed as fast as the damge you will be getting.
    6. Don’t ask for a rez if you are stupid enough to die miles away….
    7. The big heal is 3 SECONDS… thats 3 UNINTERUPTED SECONDS …. how likely is that going. This is not PVE.
    8. If my action point bar is not regenerating very fast = NO HEALS.

    Whine over for now.

  5. One more thing.

    Grab closet goblin from curse. This tool allows you to swap your suit of armour from intel to will power based in 1 click and vice versa. So if you are jumping in and out of scenarios and questing. You be wearing the best suit for the job. Makes a big difference to DPS&Healing to have specific suits for the job.

    Hopefully soon they will allow you to select a tactic bar to associate with the suit. Best mod I have added in a long time.

  6. The only way I could see this working is if for the killing ahievements one they introduced a new way of getting it like maybe ressurecting one the mirror class, so ress a 100 white lions.

    Create a new achievement for damage/healing done, also have healing crits count for the amount of crits done (i don’t believe it does at the moment).

    I quite like my killing achievements though got 100 chosen, maurauders and witch elves this week, and 25 magus?!

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