U-Turns Galore in 1.0.4

So  the Heavy Metal patch (1.0.4) is going live without the healer and ironbreaker nerfs that we’d discussed a few days ago.

Mark Jacobs writes about how they’re thinking now about the career updates for future patches (I am now slightly unclear as to which changes will go in which patch but we’ll see when the patch notes go up) which gives some of the reasoning and accounts for feedback and reports from the test realms. A basic summary is:

1. Ironbreaker Grudge mechanics still being tweaked but there will be a much slower loss of grudge per second. This means that the Ironbreaker doesn’t have to stay constantly in combat to be able to use Grudge.

2. Healer HoT changes (nerfed) are being backed out completely but the buffs to the slow heals are staying in. So that’s a decent buff and not a nerf at all.

3. Sorcerer/ BW DoTs will not be benefitting from the general damage increases.

I’m all for testing and all for not being nerfed so hurrah for that. But I still wish I knew why they’d wanted to nerf healers in the first place — was it a basic balance issue that still needs to be addressed (maybe even moreso because of the planned buffs) or just a mistake?

Game developers in general are very bad at explaining why they make specific fixes, possibly because of the torrent of feedback that might ensure. But as a player, I would like very much to know how developers feel about the state of different classes because I’d like to know if my expectations match up with the designers. (If they don’t, it’s a good sign that you are playing the wrong class.)

9 Responses

  1. Or, maybe, they never really intended to put through that specific nerf to healers and instead do it through the backdoor.

    Perhaps they thought there would be an outcry for more healing powers following the general DPS increase and have staved it off by the clever tactic of cancelling a declared clear nerf.

    Or have I been watching the X Files again?

  2. So confused, the herald titles it 1.04 and then refers to 1.05.

  3. Probably found that the original plan to decrease HoTs wasn’t going to stand up to the extra damage that 1.05 was going to bring in.

  4. So we’re “just” getting the Heavy Metal patch including an event a day, a new scenario and the fixes to broken abilities. Sucks don’t it 😉

    I trust the classes are coming in 1.06 along with the combat and careers?

  5. Yup, Fhel 🙂 All the nice bits.

  6. Still no mention of fixing the CTDs or nvidia memory leak? 😦

  7. Yeah it does get a bit horrible when you CTD in a keep seige.

  8. Heck I can’t even get that far… only can play about 1 hour or less before the crashing starts… I have almost 20 characters in T1 level 10…

    Sigh… Maybe the CTDs will stop some day so I can get beyond T1…

  9. It was stated that CTDs are being dealt with all the time and as they find one, they fix it. They just don’t make a mention of it all the time.

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