Strange happenings

It’s been a strange old week, full of all sorts of nonsense at home and at work. Not been around all that much in WAR, but enough to become interim guild leader. It’s happened for a few reasons, but I was happy to take it on and keep the title warm until someone else steps up for it. But logging in and looking at myself as guild leader makes me feel a bit.. responsible. I even went through the list and promoted everyone to member and to alliance member status – something I could have done as an officer, of course.

Then, I feel like I should be writing motivational motds, but always default to the practical or chocolate-based.

I also missed the start of the Heavy Metal event because of work and the Mines of Moria. I’m doing overtime this week, so it’s come at a bad time for me – plus, there’s a hell of a lot to do before I head off for two weeks’ holiday (more on that nearer the time!).

But I hear Reikland Factory is good fun, I hope to try it out myself very soon. Maybe even tonight though I usually play nothing on thursdays. I’d still like to give it a shot!

Other than general admin and motd coolness, is there anything else I should consider during my brief inter-regnum? I think my job is just to hold the title – but think what fun I COULD have?!

9 Responses

  1. It is almost certainly time to change all the rank titles to varieties of cake.

  2. ha ha ha, I wonder if anyone would notice 🙂

  3. Delicious cake!

    Good luck though, that’s the third guild leader since launch. I wonder if other guilds are having similar issues.

  4. Try as they might my lot are still stuck with me 😉

  5. well yes Spinks, it is no. 3 – but truthfully I could have offered to take it earlier. I don’t think there’s much to read into it, it’s just that we’re shuffling. We’re already in the process of revamping the officers.

    Not quite all doom and gloom. The leadership is JUST a title in this guild, not the fate of all the players.

    mind hrrm, don’t want anyone getting any unlocks by killing me.

  6. Can I be Fhel Battenburg?

  7. I could have stayed as guild leader, I certainly don’t intend on leaving the game. It just seemed rather ill fitting my spending 50% of my time in game asking where places are and what commands do what functions.

    I still don’t know how to guild invite…

  8. hehe Turamber, I honestly think things are fine and you did great by stepping up and offering when none of us did anyway.

    I’ll be online saturday and for our monday playdate 🙂

    ps. don’t mention cake ranks – I might still do this!

  9. What happened to the original guild leader!? I hope he didn’t neglect to renew his subscription and run off to another game!

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