500th post – let’s make it a doozie!

And this is officially our 500th post. It’s been a riot, and a bit of a roller-coaster, from something that started as a little side project and very quickly escalated into being a whole lot more. We’ve loved learning a bit about blogging, the people we’ve met through it and the connections we’ve made. It’s really felt like we were part of a wider community.

And that’s why the next bit is going to be hard to write.

First, let’s get some facts out the way:

  • Spinks and I are both married women, we have houses to semi-run, cats to look after, husbands to spend time with and other RL stuff on our minds
  • We dual-play MMOs
  • Spinks plays WAR and WoW, she’s tied up with Lich King, but has a 6 month sub to WAR and fully intends to keep playing
  • I play LotRO and WAR, I have a more regimented schedule to keep me playing both games – with certain days marked for WAR
  • Hawley just started a new full-time job and had to move house, deal with that and take on WAR and blogging at the same time
  • Blogging isn’t as quick and easy as it sometimes seems to be! It takes away from core gaming time, not from work time, or household time, or partner time – it directly (for me, anyway) takes me away from a game I want to play
  • I’m on holiday for 2 weeks at the start of December and come back to working fulltime over Xmas to cover for staff that want holidays – so I’m effectively unavailable to blog all of December

And here you may see where this is going. We’re taking a break from blogging. We love WAR and we still find open RVR awesome in the game, especially as our server, Burlok, has thriving T3/T4 RvR action. It’s not hard to drop in each night and find some fighting going on, if that’s what we feel like. But we also have new expansions to tackle with friends, ones where we don’t want to drop too far behind the curve and which we’re enjoying as well.

I once said in Tobold’s comments that when we stopped writing about WAR, I’d wrap up Book of Grudges. We knew that when we decided on the name. We weren’t lured in by hype and now hating the game. In fact, on the flipside, we enjoy gaming too much to want to stop and blog. Seriously.

I know there’s negativity out there. We’ve not been 100% positive on the levelling curve and some of the changes (like stupid ward armour and the need to do dull dungeons over and over so we can go do fun RvR stuff), but the game does deliver fun RvR and for that we will be continuing with it.

I’m sure we’ll still be reading and commenting on others’ blogs. Who knows, one or other of us may pop up elsewhere. I’m still trying to persuade Spinks to do a more general gaming blog cos I know we’d all like to read that!

Anyway, as of 1st December, Book of Grudges, as an updated blog, will be no more. We’d rather bring it to a dignified close than try and keep up with it and watch the quality (that we feel it has) dissipate.

Thanks for ALL the comments, emails, links and just for making us feel so welcome. Thanks also to Mythic for the game and to GOA for the support, even when we were being critical.

The blog will stay up, in entirety and we’ll still check the email box for it, so if you feel the need to contact any of us, that’s how to do it and we’ll reply with our personal email addresses so contact is a bit more speedy!

44 Responses

  1. 😦

    Are you still going to be playing WAR?

    Seems so many of the older WAR specific blogs are falling now.

  2. Hell yes we’ll still be playing WAR. We’re freeing up blogging time to play the game 🙂

  3. I’ve enjoyed reading all of your stuff, hope you enjoy your newfound gaming time, but also hope you come back to blog some more!

    Catch ya round the blogosphere.

  4. Sad ti see you go (for now). Hopefully you will return as the Book Of Grudges was one of the blogs I enjoyed reading.

  5. Thanks for what has been an excellent WAR blog!

    Hope to see you guys blogging again before too long.

  6. Ah cmon, do a general blog. You know you want to.

    /Mrs Doyle voice: “Go on go on go on go on go on” 😉

  7. Aww, shame, but entirely understandable. So long, and thanks for all the fish (where, in this case, the fish represent blog posts)

  8. Thanks for your time and effort you three put into this blog..I always enjoyed reading it.

  9. I know blogging can be incredibly time consuming, and I have no idea how most bloggers do it. I suspect most of them are robots or have android parts. 😉

    Before you close Book of Grudges make sure you create another general gaming blog and link to it. I want to keep reading about the adventures of Arbitrary, Spinks and Hawley.

    One question though. Why does Hawley post under the name of Badjawa, yet sign every post with Hawley?

    Have a great holiday.

  10. I can’t tell you how sad this makes me — you three put out one of the most excellent and entertaining WAR blogs in the world, and it’ll be greatly missed. I hope you’re wrong and we will see the glorious return of the Triad one day!

    So long and thanks for all the fish!

  11. This is one of the first WAR blogs I read…. Hmmm
    I’ll miss you 3. Have fun with you new found time. I’ll miss ya 😦

  12. Super gay. :o(

  13. Awww, you make me a sad panda. Who will post all the cute animal pictures now? :’/

  14. This makes me me tremendously sad as well, but I admit I’ve thought about doing the same myself. For myself in fact, so much going on otherwise, it’s steadily become impossible to also maintain the blog people came to expect.

    I’m really going to miss you guys. I hope you all choose to stay somewhat in tune with the blogging arena, even if you’re not writing. Your comments are by far the most valued I ever had on my site.

    Good luck, guys ❤ It was a hell of a ride.

  15. Bah, Thade. I think you all worry too much about being perfect.

    Do it half-arsed like me. It’s a whole lot less stressful!

  16. I think we’d all really like to thank everyone for all the support, it’s been an absolute blast to do. I think we’ve had a bit of a perfect storm at the moment of all of us being otherwise occupied at the same time (previously if one of us was busy the others could step in) and we realised that what we had most enjoyed was blogging about the run up to the game launch.

    Don’t get me wrong, we enjoy the hell out of the game too and I was chatting this morning to Arb about our plans to try out the new tanks in a few weeks time but right now, it’s a struggle to keep up with the posts and we’d rather take a break while we’re ahead.

    It has all been terrific fun! We knew when we started that we wanted to post daily and that we wanted to be upbeat and enthusiastic and embrace our inner fangirls, and we did all those things!

  17. Damn! what the hell am i going to read to keep me entertained at work now?? in all seriousness i think you’ve done a fantastic job with this blog and i hope you’ll be back for more soon!

  18. Wotcha everyone,

    Thanks so much for your comments. Being the slacker of Book of Grudges, I’ve been finding it really hard to find the time to both play and write. And, seeing as I am a huge fan of Warhammer Online, if I can only do one thing, it will be play. I also think it’s better to stop now, than descend (or maybe ascend?) into mediocrity.

    I have really, really enjoyed writing for Book of Grudges, so much so that it surprises me how much I am sad to see it all end. It’s everyone’s comments that make it all far, far cooler than my usual rambling in a pub to no-one in particular, so thanks. Thanks so much.

    Oh, Crimson Starfire, I tend to use “badjawa” as a login name for forums (being extremely forgetful) and “Hawley” is a name that I use for my healers at the moment. Hawley’s just a nicer name to sign off on, as well.


  19. Going to miss the blog, but it is completely understandable. Enjoy your added game time 🙂

  20. There’s a reason I don’t have a personal blog – I’d struggle to write one decent coherent blog post never mind 500 🙂

    Thanks for providing such good reading material, let me know if you make a return in whatever form.

  21. /cry

    I can certainly understand where you all are coming from though. I definitely feel like the time I spend blogging takes a decent bite out of the time I have to play the games I blog about sometimes. I hope you’ll at least put a post up here to let us know about any new ventures you start up?

  22. I’m really sorry to hear you guys won’t be around anymore. But I agree with the above that if you decide to start a general gaming blog, I’d love a link so I can check out your what you’re up to there!

    This site was one of the few that inspired me to get into blogging, so I sincerely say thank you.

    BTW, I’d love to know what server you play on LotRO Arbitrary! I’ve been considering trying it out again, so I’d be happy to roll a character there. Assuming it’s in the US of course (darn server restrictions…. *grumble*) Anyways, I wish you the best!

  23. Enjoy your hols 😉

  24. Raegn – I play on European server Laurelin (always tend to go for Euro servers, I’m afraid).

    Let’s see, as to all the other comments. Really guys, thanks. You’ve all made it worthwhile and we don’t regret it for a second. It’s just one of those things.

    I’m sure if we do start anything up again, you’ll all be the first to know!

  25. Sadface.

    Then again I’ve hardly blogged myself, else I’d offer to annoy you even more than usual and post 😛

  26. Cheers for the hard work you put in, it was a most entertaining blog, but now I’ll get to see you lot in game more, yes yes?

  27. Yes Fhel, you will!

  28. Sad news – BoG has been superb!

    but good news if we get to see more of Arbi, Lin and Hawley in game (yup I’m selfish like that 😉 )

  29. Just to add my name to the throng of thanks…

    It was BoG that lead me to I2I, which is one of the finest collections of individuals to grace an MMO, so I’ll always be grateful for that.

    And the articles themselves will also be sorely missed – I understand the reasoning of course, I’ll just miss Hawley’s rants, the anumal pictures and the thought provoking critique…

  30. I feel so empty…. QQ

  31. Bah! Bah, I say! 😛

    You guys better not start up a WoW blog! Hehe. Sorry to see you go, but given how pressed I am for time in _my_ personal life, I can’t blame you for it!

  32. Bah, that blows. I understand though.

    I blog at work, not at home. I’d totally drop the blog if it interfered with gaming.

    Good luck!

  33. Here’s hoping that you don’t abandon blogging altogether, and that we will get to read your wit and wisdom at another time, in another place.

    All the best!

  34. A wonderful blog! Thanks for the enjoyable reading, and have fun doing other things.

  35. Thanks a lot for all your inspiration and hi-quality writing. You have been the first priority on my rss-feed, and I will miss you sorely.

    If you are ever threatened by Merwi Tscheckholdt, the purple chosen that hunts squishies, send me a wave I’ll go hit your colleagues instead of you. That’s the least I owe you. *many hugs*

  36. End of an era, start of a new one. Make sure if you post a new gaming blog you link it here. I for one will certianly be reading it. Enjoy the holidays, although somewhat perversely it looks like you’ll be working more on them!!!


  37. Sad to see you go. Only in the past month have I kept up on a lot of WAR blogs. It seems that either the blogs themselves are taking a more negative bent based on the perceived direction (or lack thereof) on the game or that they are simply drying up.

    The positivity and upbeatedness (not a word) of this blog was a refreshing oasis and again, will be sad to not have ya’ll to look at anymore.

    But this only means you’ll be doing what you enjoy doing – gaming – and that is most important.

  38. I’ve enjoyed your blog and checked it daily since around May. You provided a ton of great info and insight and I will miss my daily visits here.

    Thanks, and good luck.

  39. […] once again that Book of Grudges has hung up its hat, and I feel tremendously sad.  Happy, indeed, for what they gave to the community and that the […]

  40. […] once again that Book of Grudges has hung up its hat, and I feel tremendously sad.  Happy, indeed, for what they gave to the community and that the […]

  41. Sorry to see the Book of Grudges go. Glad that you are not giving up the games. Good luck!

  42. This is my *first visit* to your lovely blog. Hudson posted the linky. I feel like I’ve missed out on something epic.

    Good luck to you, ladies.

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