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First of all, thanks for all the kind words about the blog. We always had a blast writing it. So much so that we couldn’t really just let it rest. In fact, we’ve started some individual blogs that have a wider context than Warhammer Online (Spinksville and Nerf the Cat).

However, that doesn’t mean Book of Grudges is quite ready to rest its weary head yet, and that’s all to do with how many of you have kept stopping by and looking to see if we’re back and writing again. But, the focus is going to change a little.

Instead of opinion pieces, we’re intending to write a lot less regularly and concern ourselves more with the European community of Warhammer Online – where we originally intended the blog to focus, perhaps. So expect comments about what’s going on in Europe a little more, and less on the game in general (though I expect our personal blogs will be more opinion and less community stuff).

And to that end, we’d welcome any submissions, any news tidbits from guilds, recruitment stuff, bragging about oRvR – anything really that reflects what’s going on amongst the European community for Warhammer Online. Pass the message on, I’ll post on a couple of forums and let’s see if we can kick this off!

ps. if there’s anyone out there playing WAR in Europe who’d like to contribute to the writing of the blog, let us know, using the email address in contact details! We promise to check it at least every couple of days!!

pps. it’ll take a little while to do things like clearing up the blogroll and making a start on this new endeavour, so be patient 🙂

10 Responses

  1. Woohoo..

    Looks like you’re addicted to blogging! 😉
    Welcome “back”!

  2. Yay – Really pleased you guys are back!

  3. Sorted

  4. yay! welcome back

  5. Welcome back guys!

  6. Hurray!

  7. I subscribed to this blog along with a few other WAR blogs after I picked up the game at release. I was surprised to see this post pop up in my RSS feed since all of those blogs with the exception of Greenskin blog have gone dark. And sadly Greenskin blog has just degenerated into complaining about the game for the most part. If the way the blogs dedicated to the game have gone is any indication of the state of WAR Mythic might have a problem on their hands.

    I’ll go ahead and remove this blog from my RSS feed, and subscribe to Spinksville and Nerf the Cat since I’ve enjoyed this blog. As for this blog I’d just let it go. WAR seems to be a lost cause unless you are one of the few that it just rubs the right way.

  8. Rofl if you think WAR is a lost cause because the blogs you subscribed to are now dead I suggest you have a look at blogwarhammer.net or at the amazingly huge blogroll on the left here

  9. Yay! You came back! Cheer!

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