29th January

Looks like that’s the date for whatever big announcement Mark Jacobs promised over at the Vault boards (he said end of January, which works for me). Keen and Graev have been sent orange hair dye and hair clippers, and the world is expecting some cool pictures of Slayer-style hair cuts. If you are planning a mohawk, I’ll let you in on a secret – it was my favourite hairstyle ever, and I had one hrrm…. around 3 years ago now. I’m tempted!

The community have been guessing at a Slayer since the Hammerer was delayed really, so this would count as one of the least surprising surprises – but one of the most welcome (unless you wanted to be part of a very under-played MDPS class, in which case you might be a little reticent about Slayers going in). For me personally it’s good news, because it means the MDPS classes will be announced soon and hopefully in-game sooner, and I have a friend who will be coming back to the game to play one – as his main interest in the game was originally the Hammerer.

In European news, we had some maintenance  which fixed something I hadn’t even noticed on my Knight. Sometimes, I think I’m a bit rubbish at noticing details, but in my defence she just hit rank 10.. so there wasn’t much to re-train!

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  1. […] the rumours are true, then I have my work cut out for me. Within months there could finally be a melee DPS […]

  2. *slinks over from Ardy’s blog*

    I’m probably part of the minority but I hope that strange package does NOT mean Slayers will be available to create.

    Do I think they’re a neat concept? Yes. (C’mon, Gotrek is pretty damned badass while Snorri is… different.) However it makes very little sense for it to be a playable class.

    My understanding is that a Slayer is a Dwarf that has done something terrible and must regain his honour in some extreme fashion. So… you’d have a sudden influx of HOW many Dwarves throwing their honour into the slag? Heck, even the one PQ where the Greenskins are attacking the Slayer Keep *and winning* is illogical unless every one of those Slayers is completely incompetent. (Nevermind that a number of Order lore locations are in enemy territory, but that’s a separate rant.)

    So no, I sincerely hope Slayers will not be coming. Fanboys can go gush until they drown themselves. Or whine until they run out of breath. 😛

    …and this is coming from a player who’s roster is 90% Elf and 10% Human.

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