Farewell Iain C

Today Iain Compton leaves GOA, heading off to work on Parabellum. It’s a day that should really be marked on this blog.

For us, Iain was an immense help in setting up the blog, and giving us support by coming here and posting on the blog. His support gave us the courage to continue when we were really swamped with it going from 50 readers up to thousands, and he was always supportive, even when we were criticising GOA (which I hope everyone there knows we did with no malice!). Only real criticism, no trip to Games Day (but we all know why), and no free t-shirts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nic and Magnus are doing a great job, but for us Iain was our first WAR CM, so will always be remembered fondly for that! Of course, we’ll still be following his movements, and he’s left us with an awesome guide to painting your Archmage. I think he picked an Archmage holding a Book of Grudges (ha ha, not really, but I can dream).


3 Responses

  1. […] farewell Iain C Just a quick goodbye and thanks to Iain C, who leaves GOA today. __________________ Nim/Nuriko/Ailil @ […]

  2. I remember it was such a boost to our morale here when he first commented on some of our posts.

    Good luck in the new job! (and you can paint my archmage any time 😉 )

  3. Thanks guys!
    It’s kind of a weird day for me here as I’m packing everything up and making the rounds of the various departments to say goodbye. There are a lot of awesome people here at GOA and I’m going to be really sorry to leave them behind.

    Best of luck for the blog in the future and I’m sure we’ll cross paths again some day.

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