and a couple of things to read

Schlotzky’s on what he’d like to see in the 29/1 announcement (of course, Americans say 1/29 ;p)

The lovely Regis on decrypting the Valentine’s poems. Got to thank him, because I’m rushing for work and have barely had the time to read them. You can’t go far wrong by following his blog, people!

3 Responses

  1. Many thanks for the link! Also, thought I’d let you know how nice it is to see Book of Grudges back. I re-added you to my blogroll (I need to massively update that thing…)

  2. Woowoo! I love puzzles 🙂

  3. @Schlotzky – update blogrolls either once a week or once a month, otherwise madness awaits 🙂

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