More from Mythic

Seems that Mythic, now they’ve discovered snail mail viral marketing, are jumping on it wholesale, and you can see their latest here and here.
Also Werit and Keen got cards (links on the blogroll, sorry, circumstances making it hard for me to edit this with links!), and we can expect more, as there are allegedly 13 to go out, and they’ll spell out something, as long as they arrive in time. It’s almost certainly our Valentine’s event… so expect some more info soon.

According to Paul on twitter, there’s plenty more to be mailed. It’s good to see the love being spread around. And very sensible from a marketing and community perspective.

(apologies for any typos, am using my Eee to post and have a cat dangerously close to the keyboard part)


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  1. _ _ _ I _ 7_ _ V _ _ _ _

    no idea – anyone fancy a game of hangman?

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