Pretty diagrams!

GOA have presented us with a fun run-down of team play, in what we can safely assume is the start of a series of useful guides to the game.

The guide covers grouping in open RvR, including handy hints and tips on leading groups and a variety of tactics and skills. I definitely enjoyed it, and look forward to the rest of the series.

4 Responses

  1. Heh, I looked at the size of the thing and decided not to bother. I’m a great follower of ‘keep it short, keep it simple’, but that felt a bit over the top.

    It’s not like I would have missed anything, right? Right?

  2. I genuinely quite liked it, and I adored the diagrams, cos I’m a sucker for them!! It had a nice commentary from a player from Burlok and I do applaud GOA getting info from community members to add to their site.

    Of course, I group a fair bit and feel my tactics are awesome, so not sure I NEED it. But still!

  3. I liked the ‘tactics’ bit, but I found the rest a bit err… ‘loaded’ so to speak. I think the author would have benefitted from splitting the article up in installments. The KISS principle 🙂

  4. Yeah making it a series might have helped – I thought it was a good read though.

    Probably too long for the attention span of the people that really need to read it 😉

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