Guessing at the announcement

There’s a dev chat scheduled on Tentonhammer later today at 7pm EST, at which it’s very likely that the developers will be chatting to all comers about today’s announcements.

7pm EST is midnight round where we live, so on the off-chance that we don’t hear anything before then, here’s some of our guesses at what Mythic may plan to announce.

  1. Slayers, Choppas, and a new event to introduce them. Despite Girl IRLs (can we stop pretending that no girls play these games yet?) best efforts, I remain unconvinced about female slayers 🙂
  2. A St Valentine’s Day massacre-style holiday.
  3. Official bulletin boards
  4. Revamps for some of the missing cities (if anyone was around for beta you may remember that the original idea was to have a full city for each race, rather than fortresses).
  5. New hats for High Elves!
  6. Pets. First ones available will be a groupie for dark elves and a walking beer keg for dwarves.
  7. New tradeskill: Topiary
  8. Mail revamp to allow multiple mails (Earendur)
  9. Paul and Josh returning to the mothership (Melmoth)
  10. Stunty Stew for dinner! Nom nom … (Warboss)
  11. Horse trousers and Naval Combat (Zoso, and I want some of what he’s been smoking)

Feel free to add your suggestions, we’ll add them to the end of the list.


11 Responses

  1. Multiple items in the mail! (ref. Paul Barnetts birthday-video ;))

  2. I think they’ll announce that Paul Barnett and Josh Drescher are returning to the mothership now that their work here on Earth is complete.

    In related news, Richard Garriott is taking over as Grand Master Hypemaker for WAR.

  3. FS. Nerf topiary! Only just maxxed Cultivation and Topiary totally makes it obsolete 😦

  4. walking beer keg! That would be awesome.

  5. me finks dey be annou.. anno… sayin’ wotz for dinner. Me ‘opes it’s stunty stew. Stunty stew is good eatin’

  6. My my my, so I’m going to have to keep my subscription open even longer, all good fun I’m hoping.

  7. Damm I hate content filters, stopping me reaching I do wonder if some one has jumped the gun at Eurogamer.

  8. Nice catch, thanks Werit!

  9. duke of wellington statue pic: legend.

    i replaced the cone once when i were a lad. it had blown off.

    used to skate around there every weekend till we got ushered out by law and “goffs”.

    my WL would look much better with a traffic cone…elf itemisation = failtardation…

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