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Nic’s popped onto Freddyshouse to answer some questions about official forums in Europe that I think are worth noting:

In our new years message as well as in our January newsletter we did confirm that we will have official forums alongside Mythic’s.

To answer some other questions I can respond to now:

  • There will be three different forums, one for the US players, one for the European players and one for the Russian players.
  • The Mythic and GOA forums (not sure about the Russian one at this time (in Soviet Russia Forums host you?)) will be using the same forum software. There will be no Flash.
  • To be able to post on these forums you need an active account, currently the plan is to allow anyone to read the public sections of the forum.
  • Both forums are currently being prepared.

More information in the weeks to come.

Of course, European players’ biggest concerns over separating out forums is that we won’t have the same access to developers and Mythic’s team as the US players. Hopefully the Mythic team will prove that fear to be a false one, but I live with it on LotRO forums, I’m guessing Spinks deals with it for WoW forums… so my prediction is that we Europeans will not get the same access as the American players do.

And we will continue to cry ‘injustice’, but really… it won’t change anything. GOA will do their best to answer things and pass on comments, but it comes down to the game devs and marketing team themselves to ensure all their customers receive the same treatment.

In good news, no Flash though, as feared by some (and not just those who ponce about with iPhones!). I, for one, look forward to getting to know my fellow Euro players over the official forums.

James from Mythic stopped by the Vault to go into more detail about the EU and US split in forums. We’ll see what happens!

5 Responses

  1. Well I’m really no fan of forums. If Mythic comes through with the entire “get more rights if you’re nice”-play, it could become something good. But, as you say, we from the underdeveloped Europe (as I’m sure loads of Americans see us :D) are probably getting less access to and feedback from Mythic. So my real concern is that the forums will explode in flamewars until GOA is fed up with it and pulls the plug.

    Just my doomsaying two cents 😉

  2. I have to agree on The EU getting a lower priority.

    Is there anything we can do about it?

  3. Got a baaaad feeling about this. We will have our own little group of EU CMs and never see a Mythic dev again.

    At least English EU players should be able to post on the US boards.

  4. It never works that way though Regis, however much we’d like it to. I’m guessing from time to time or when there are big announcements or fire-fighting to do we will see Mythic reps on the EU forums, but the rest of the time we really won’t. I do think our comments will be fed back, perhaps naively.

    Of course we don’t know the breakdown in that 300k figure between EU and US, but we do know that the US audience is always pretty vocal and expects dev comments!

  5. Why this action right now? Because the game is falling, falling damn fast … october the news of 750k sub 3 day ago the news of 300k subs …
    300k it is not enough for make a big universe but enough to get money, so they close to themself and no spreading word about the game.

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