And a quick waaaaaa

So if those going to NY Comic-Con get unique heads for Slayers/Choppas (which we can assume only work on US-servers anyway), what do you think you’ll get for coming to Dublin on 9th March to our little get-together – now definitely at the Bull & Castle pub, in the post-work hours?

Um.. working on it, but it’ll probably be a beer mat 🙂

Yeah yeah, I know, just another way for me to pimp the Dublin gathering. Once it’s done we’ll work on a London one, I promise!

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  1. So, uh, how’re we going to recognise you? Orange mohawk?

    Although from previous meets, it’ll be ‘find the crowd in game tshirts who already look hungover’.

    I’ll be just back from a full weekend’s drinking at K2, so more drinking should be just fine.

  2. I’ll put a photo of myself up nearer the time, perhaps… or persuade Nic and Magnus to wear GOA t-shirts 🙂

  3. We demand a banner…

  4. Oh no, I saw some of those banners at Games Day. No Wai!

  5. Did you know St. Patrick is their patron saint because he was the first one to wear snakeskin shoes on a pub crawl?

    True story.

  6. HO7nzC comment2 ,

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