Cross-Server Scenarios?! No thanks.

I haven’t read up on this one on the forums, so excuse me if there’s tons of good links on the topic. I’ll endeavour to add some later if I find them. It’s just something that came up in an instant messenger chat with someone about WAR. Are cross-server scenarios a solution to lower-populated servers?

I can see how the idea would be appealing. It’s working on World of Warcraft to populate the battlegrounds, as far as I know (wow, how many times can I ask people to correct me in one post!). But, would I like to see it in Warhammer Online? I have to say it’s a resounding ‘NO’ from me on this.

Scenarios are great fun, but open RvR is the core of the game, and it’s something people learn as they progress through the game, in my experience. It may be frustrating at the moment to get as far as you can in the open world and not quite succeed in the end goal, but running scenarios over and over – well, it might get the xp and rp ticking up, but it’s not the be-all and end-all of the game.

Most importantly though, I think cross-server scenarios would be a short-term solution for some lower populations that want access to more regular scenarios. In its  turn I feel it would seriously damage server community. And, for me, server community is a lot more of an important part of the happiness equation. If I log on to my server and go out into a scenario, I like that I get to group with a variety of the people on my server, it forces us to mix, to get to know one another and to rely on one another – valuable lessons for when we bump into each other in the open field and are defending a keep or attacking a fortress. I like seeing the same names over and over again and slowly knowing they’re getting to know my name too, seeing that I actually stop to heal or res them in whatever situation. And I think any cross-server stuff could quickly erode some of this server spirit.

So I really hope this doesn’t come to Warhammer Online, but am prepared to listen to counter-arguments!!

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  1. […] arbitrary at Book of Grudges has written about how she feels about cross-server queues and I’d have to say that a year ago […]

  2. Without the rivalry, they would be meaningless.

  3. I’m with you 100% on this. Cross server scenarios is a terrible, terrible idea. And I will never stop saying so.

  4. I agree. I don’t think that cross server scenarios will help the game at all.

    • That’s because you are dumb. T1 is full of free trial twinks, and T2 and T3 are completely dead. Cross-server scenarios would breath life back into an otherwise dead game.

  5. I don’t really mind, server clustering in DAOC was fine and that was for the end game RVR, which was was equivalent to open RVR here.

    So if the scenarios get to pop quicker for low pops, then who are we to say they shouldn’t have at least scenarios.

  6. While I believe it would be helpful for scenario queues on lower population servers, I’m mostly against cross-server games. It’s like Werit said, the feeling of a rivalry with your opposing realm is too valuable. I was sad when I lost the ability to recognize enemies from my server in battlegrounds in WoW, and I’d hate to see the same loss in WAR’s scenarios.

  7. The other theoretical advantage to cross server scenarios is that you could pair order-heavy realms with destruction-heavy realms to (hopefully) give each side better queues. It doesn’t sound like this has really materialized as a problem in the game though.

    From my (albeit outside) perspective, this would definitely be a bandaid – the real problem is that there are so deserted that Mythic is willing to encourage people to leave them from the login screen, but they aren’t willing to suck up the PR hit to just merge them and get it over with.

  8. Scenarios are just a way to farm renown, as far as I’m concerned. I wish they didn’t contribute to VPs at all.

    That’s my main concern about cross-server scenarios – the VPs. Take scenarios out of the zone control picture, and then I’d say sure, go ahead and make them cross-server.

  9. Rivalry? I hardly ever notice who I’m fighting, nevermind if they’re the same guy or guild I fought two days ago. Personally, it’s just not as important as getting into a fun fight.

    I’ll take the “pro cross-server scenarios” stance, not out of any deep-rooted argument, but just because scenarios scream “temporary fisticuffs”, and it doesn’t betray that just to open it up to the rest of the servers. Considering how scenarios are becoming more and more belittled in any conversations where they’re brought up — even though they are heads and shoulders above oRvR in terms of fun, performance and variety — I don’t understand why this would matter to anyone other than folks who already love scenarios and would like to play some more of them.

    In terms of rivalry, how about this as a potential compromise — have cross-server battles on special weekends, where for that weekend only, your server can battle people of another realm. Dark Crag vs. Phoenix Throne, etc.

  10. Low pop servers should be higher on the fix list than low pop scenerios. As Arbitrary stated RvR is the back bone of WAR.


    There is little community in a feature that no one uses anyway so why not combined the servers into a mushy ball of PvP love(at least Tiers 1-3)

  11. […] as for SCs, Book of Grudges have posted an article about the idea of Cross server SCs (which I totally agree that it won’t work in anyways for WAR)  and Syp over at WAAAGH have […]

  12. 1st of all i know this is a few weeks late but great to have Book of Grudges back 😀
    we missed you guys!!!

    anyways onto the issues in hand

    I think cross servers scenarios would be a bad thing they are already dangerously close to being totally disconnected from RvR.

    The best thing mythic did to re-enthuse the WaR player base was its reinvigorating of open RvR.

    scenarios have the possibility to be a great part of the overall game but the problem is one of the quality’s Syp lists


    this is sadly lacking. I think id like to see queuing for individual scenarios removed from the game and replaced with selecting a zone and then getting a random scenario for that zone. I don’t think anyone can argue for instance that having both Dragonwake scenarios launching equal amounts would be a bad thing rather than endless SP.

    i think the meta campaign is what really differentiates WaR and anything which pushes people away from that is bad.

  13. If they were to add cross server scenarios, then I would *hope* that VPs were utterly removed from a scenario victory. How on earth would that even work when your team is made up of people from, say 5 different servers?

    Scenarios do have their place in the game (I loved having them around when I was soloing out some quests – really broke the grind up for me).

    Perhaps, if Mythic *did* enable cross-realm scenarios, maybe they could add the option to join the x-realm queue or the ‘for VP queue’? Very simple idea, but it makes sense (and I have zero aptitude with coding, so I have no idea what kind of implications that would have on the coding side).

  14. The VPs if cross server scenario’s are implemented would be quite simple. The number of victory points you contributed would be simply based on the proportion of players from a particular server .

    So 4 players from karak hirm and 8 players from karak eight peaks, would be 33% of the points to karak hirn and 66% of the points to karak eight peaks.

    In scenario play, do you really note who you killed ? Faster firing scenario’s would be nice, if only for those players who wise to level from scenario play and low pop servers.

    I think it’s wise to remember that a cluster is just a cluster. How many servers you connect into the server cluster is a arbitary decision. So if you are on a high pop server, then it is not automatic that would need to be clustered, it;s all down to the metrics for scenario pops on that server.

  15. I note every single player I kill, maybe it’s because Burlok is a little lacking in players, but it sure does build up rivalries.

  16. […] RVR where strategy matters and zergging means you’re probably doing it wrong. I agree with this article. I don’t want cross-server scenarios, but you know what, it would help a lot of servers with […]

  17. I dont think it’s neccesary at the moment and I like the fact I see the same people in scenarios. It means I have a chance for revenge when they kill me

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