You shall not pass!

[I dedicate this blog post title to my Dwarf-in-Arms, Gorak, who was desperate to yell it last night!]

So last night a couple of friends re-subbed to get ready for the Bitter Rivals event. I was peacefully planning an evening of web-browsing and twitter-trouble, when I realised they were both playing their level-capped dwarfs and hanging around in the dodgier neighbourhoods of Praag. Time for their little Rune Priest to go out and help. And we ran around in a smallish group, following a smallish warband for the rest of the evening. We did RvR around the city of Praag, including taking both keeps and most of the battlefield objectives before moving on to Black Crag and continuing the rampage. It wasn’t really a rampage though, many of the keeps had some defense from Destruction, just not quite enough. I didn’t stay long enough to really see them try and push a zone, but we were very close to flipping Caledor and Black Crag before we logged off. It was a fun and nostalgic night and reminded me it’s all about good company and good fights.

There was one thing that amused and annoyed me equally. And it’s something that’s cropped up recently on the Vault boards and received a response from Mark Jacobs. Do we want to be able to pass on loot bags? Hell yes. It’s slightly counter-intuitive to me, and at first I was against it. But last night I won 2 gold bags and 1 blue bag from 4 keep takes. I have full Annihilator set, so it was all pretty pointless and I begrudged winning them, after the initial excitement of getting some awesome rolls!

I’d like either the option to pass on bag rolls, or the option to get a token instead that could be collected and exchanged for better gear (the next set up, I guess). I don’t really mind which. I’d do the keep takes anyway, but to take a gold bag from someone else through a random rolling procedure and then to take the cash… that’s miserable. Tokens would make it a fair reward for all, but I don’t know how many tokens you’d have to have to get the better gear and I don’t know how accessible they want the gear to be. I think it’d be workable. But I want one of the two systems in place, because right now winning two gold bags put a damper on my evening (even though others would be delighted to win even one!).

5 Responses

  1. What are you going to do — bite me?

    Been wanting to be able to pass on bags since, oh, forever. For a variety of reasons. There’s the ones you mention above, but also f’rinstance when I go back to lower PQs with a higher char just to be able to say I completed that chapter… winning a PQ bag is useless if you’re 5+ levels higher than the PQ itself, and it’d be nice to be able to pass it on to the more level-appropriate folks instead of always taking the stupid alchemy vial. 😉

  2. Ha ha, yeah.. I forgot PQs, because I haven’t done one in ages. I also like to go through and max influence as often as I can, and yeah.. I think we need to pass on bags for that too. In fact, it needs to go in!

  3. Passing would be great, tokens would be optimum. I’d say about 5-10 tokens to get a piece of the next set up. It would still take serious effort to get the next tier of armor, but wouldn’t be completely out of the question. By the time you got enough for one piece, maybe Fortress captures won’t be the elusive Unicorn it is now 😉

  4. oooh who came back? I guess Gorak and…

  5. …who do you think? ;p

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