Holding Grudges

Let’s face it, there’s a reason we picked the name ‘Book of Grudges’ – we like the concept of a big Grudge book!

So let’s examine the biggest grudge on my mind at the moment:

EU vs US

We’re patently not getting ‘equal treatment’ to the US players.

But it should never have been promised to us.

GOA aren’t the developers, they’re not in a position to answer as developers, they get given the code, they don’t write it. The things we dislike about GOA (ie. the website) will probably never change. We could take bets on that, I think it’ll change just to shock us, actually – but really, they could have got a new site up quickly. So let’s ignore that. US GMs are complained about as often as EU ones, I imagine. And at least GOA have been in charge of when we get server transfers!

My original post was going to be a list of Mythic ‘untruths’ about Europe. I honestly feel that to Mythic, we are irrelevant except as a pay packet. Over and over they offer incentives to their US players, devs answer them (and 100% will answer US forums more than EU ones, we can guarantee that), they have access to devs at events, they have competitions with in-game prizes (again, GOA not the developer, so they can’t add stuff to code).

And it’s frustrating to feel that we matter so little that they merely wait until fan unrest so strong they offer something calming, like a message from Mark about how much we matter, or Paul saying something on his video blog… it should be an everyday thought. I don’t want to be the afterthought of a marketing team that know their game isn’t performing as it should. I want to matter.

And that’s the same problem all games have with class balance, and core groups and hybrids and things like that. Deep down, we all want to matter. And we should. And games companies REALLY need to examine how they treat their worldwide audiences. It’s fine to offer examples of how great one company has been, or another. But it shouldn’t be that such examples are unusual. I hate having to choose between a US and EU server. I hate that Oceanic servers are usually not even considered by companies. If you want our cash on a monthly basis, and you don’t want us to skip games focus on getting the game right and then on not going out to exclude people just because it might save you some money. In the longterm you’d avoid the grudge-fest, which frankly feels like it’s festering at the moment.

I don’t really care about little differences, being on the PTS at the exact same time. I do care about speed to fix things that are broken, I care about being brushed off when there are real concerns.

8 Responses

  1. I don’t know why more companies don’t find a way to release their games as a worldwide game. We know it can be done, for example EVE Online, Guild Wars, even Battle.net. I have family and friends in the US, and I hate not being able to easily connect with them through WoW or WAR unless we make sure to buy a copy of the game for a specific region.

    I think that extends into the divide of services such as forums. If they would just launch worldwide, start treating the market as a global market instead of regions, I think they would a far happier customer base.

  2. I have been unable to login to my old rank 6 Choppa on PTR since the first day. I can create new ones tho. Just today I read on WHA that US players got rank 18 character template on the PTR and went and looked for it on the EU pages, to no avail.

    Chompin Teef? I want some. But I can neither play on US PTR nor post feedback on their forums. EU has no similar offer.

    And don’t even get me started about the site, the little webdesigner in me want to crawl up and cry every time I visit it.

  3. Here’s an interesting thought: If GOA were allowed to develop (and had the capabilities to develop) WAR since release, I wonder how different the two versions of the game would look.

    Would they have merged servers instead of allowing free transfers? Would they have tweaked the core design/mechanics differently? Obviously, we’ll never know, but I somehow think the two games would look much differently if GOA was allowed to freely develop it in their own direction tailored to their European customers.

    I don’t know if it would have been for the better given how badly they managed the open beta, launch, and still refuse to update their brutal website, but it would have been interesting anyway.

  4. I would love to know the numbers for EU vs US subscribers, both at launch and at the moment. We never will, but I am curious.

  5. Thing is, Snafzg, it’s easy to comment from the outside looking in – but we have to live with the split. And let’s face it, however easy it is to chuck custard pies at GOA for the website and the launch, a lot of the delays etc these days are little to do with them. The brutal statements from Mythic which fail to acknowledge there are European players, the realisation we will have ZE RO interaction with devs on our official forums.. that’s all in Mythic’s court.

    It’s easy for Mythic to make up cock-ups to their US customers, they give them in-game toys and benefits. We get told we matter, while all other signs indicate otherwise.

    Like Regis and Spinks, I’m tired of it. We’ll never know how much we contribute to the cashflow, but I’d bet it’s not as insignificant as we’re often made to feel.

  6. As an expat Euro, I heartily agree. It sucks. It’s lame. If it were any lamer, we’d be eating it for dinner! >:-|

  7. […] To recap the “GOA” chapter in my own Book of Grudges: […]

  8. […] To recap the “GOA” chapter in my own Book of Grudges: […]

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