Newsletters/forums compared

Thanks to Nate over at Freddyshouse for perusing the EU and US newsletters and bringing up the following:

Originally Posted by Mythic Newsletter
When you become a part of the WAR Oracles team, you’ll earn increased interaction with developers

Originally Posted by GOA Newsletter
When you become a part of the Veterans team, you’ll earn increased access to the Community Team

No great surprise for any of us I’m sure. But interesting to see the quotations compared.

5 Responses

  1. First it made me laugh. Then it made me cry a little.

  2. I had noticed that. Just a title change. However it will be nice for some people.

  3. @skardb: The title is irrelevant. The US version says it will grant access to the guys actually developing the game, while the EU one refers to the community team – i.e. forum mods and PR people who are at least one level removed from the developers.

    Don’t know what else to say but I’m sorry for you all on the other side of the Atlantic. Shocking that they didn’t even bother to try and sugar coat it by sending a token dev to post on the EU version from time to time.

  4. @Green

    A little of something is better than a little of nothing.

    I except the situation we are in. This doesn’t make me happy about it. But I will not lose undue sleep over it. Ultimately this is a game we are talking about and this perspective needs to be maintained at all costs.

    PS – I enjoy you blog, when I can get time to read it 😉

  5. Well, I think we will get the odd dev comment, and Magnus has posted that GOA hope to host some dev chats and stuff, but of course, if it doesn’t happen they’re covered because they couldn’t ever promise we’d get the same access to Mythic as Americans do.

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