Laziness (and come to London!)

Ardua has posted a full write-up of the Dublin fan-meet and our trip to GOA. I should have done it before now, but at least a couple of photos I put up match up with what he said. We’re both just clearing some of the pub photos with those in them before we put them before the world.

Our next crazy enterprise (you’ll get this joke in a nanosecond) is to organise a similar get-together (but with more fans and less GOA) in May. 9th May to be precise, in a pub to be announced once I’ve rung a couple to get an idea of how many they can hold etc. Might even do that today. Why May 9th? Well, it avoids the pesky May bank holidays when travel is just too expensive, but it also falls right next to the Star Trek release date. And Ardua, in his craziness, and his wife are hoping and planning to organise a group trip to the cinema. Possibly even the IMAX.

And maybe we can persuade Magnus to bring his clippers and show off his leet hair-cutting skillz. Seriously, I’d let him put a chaos symbol on my head if only to annoy work. I mean, maybe I’ll do it for charity…

Anyway, if anyone else wants to help with planning, let us know. It’s hopefully going to be quite a big and exciting affair and I’m off to try and book my train tickets now!

3 Responses

  1. Good stuff as always, just about to sort out a wee link 🙂


  3. I am looking forward to this. I just need to keep this weekend free. To be honest, any excuse for a day out 🙂

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