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With help from both Spinks and my other sister, I’ve been given the task of locating a pub in London for a WAR get-together on 9th May. That’s a Saturday. Have spoken to two recommended ones for MMO gatherings (how bizarre is that, but kind of cool too).

One of them is getting back to me today, the other says we can have 3pm-7pm. Is that a horrible time for a get-together? I think it nicely spans lunch to dinner, and after 7pm people can move on to restaurants, other pubs in the area, cinemas, theatres – or it’d give them plenty of time to get home if they’re out of London.

What do you think?

Not booking anything just yet, but need to give them an answer on Thursday (am hoping other pub comes back and says we can have 7pm+ and we can have a veritable pub crawl!).

3 Responses

  1. Just after pay day, so sounds good for me. I think the prime concern for where to meet up should be based upon proximity to one of the Major train hubs in london, so as to cut down the tube need for the lucky ones who approach from said train hub (I vote Waterloo as the hub it is close to *grin*)

  2. Hmm, all our MUD meets back in the day tended to be from 6pm onwards – pubs which do food are good for that, but it’s important to be able to get trashed with your fellow destruction/order folks 😉

    Then again we were all smelly students (and still had the ability to drink copious amounts without falling over) back then.

  3. Well there are pros and cons to 3 – 7. If people need to get home they will be well stuffed by 9-10pm and have plenty of time to get home by train, depending on their vision. The alt side of this, is that you can be 15 sheets to the wind by 9 pm and barely able to speak. But heh, it’s always up to the person how much they drink.

    As long at 7pm these pubs are not going to kick us out, then we will end up dominating an area anyways.

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