WAR Thoughts and Grievances

I’d write about patch 1.2.1 and keep upgrades, but people have written about it a hell of a lot better. I’d write about the Archmage/Shaman changes, but I’m hoping Spinks will contribute her thoughts. So, for one day only, here’s the start of a little whine/rant about Warhammer from someone who’s followed it, loved it and been frustrated with it. I play the game, but a lot less than I once did.

I’m not feeling all that connected with the Warrior Priest, despite the fun of clubbing people on the head and healing with hitting, I did feel a connect with the Rune Priest, so I will be heading back to playing little Kaja in the coming weeks and maybe getting my guild to help me with some of the end content.

So, what’s the whine about?

Well, while I appreciate all the changes WAR is having made to it, the game is changing rapidly, more rapidly than perhaps any other MMO I’ve played , and all as a result of devs listening to the playerbase. But. And it’s a BIG but. Really, the game should have had this stuff earlier and the launch delayed. I don’t mind inclusion of the missing classes, because let’s face it, both sets of class inclusions have given the game a huge PR boost and brought players back. But, the rest of this stuff? WAR is taking on as many good ideas from Dark Age of Camelot as possible, with the keep upgrades, the Darkness Falls-esque upcoming Dungeon and no doubt we’ll have relics-lite soon. With every upgrade I’m happy as a player and frustrated like hell as a commentator. If these devs are so great at game design, why wasn’t some of this stuff in earlier. We’re no longer silly consumers who have little choice in our gaming, we see polished games come elsewhere, and here we have a game that’s seemingly still testing concepts on a wide scale in order to find its identity.

But, it can still be fun, and the changes will enhance gameplay for all. So we should remember the positives. I suppose.

4 Responses

  1. I agree with the post 100 percent.

    But in an attempt to see both sides, I will say that we would not have had many of the changes we currently see in game if it weren’t for having the entire player base as beta testers.

    Sure, the classes should have been in the box we bought first hand. The keeps and open RvR in general should have had more polish from the get-go (and I feel we are still a LONG way off on the ORvR polish). And many other things should have been in 1.0. But, alot of the tweaks and fixed bugs would never have been there if it weren’t for so many people playing at once.

    In hindsight, I would probably do it all again. There’s nothing else like WAR out there for me.

  2. Yeah, this is one of those things that has bugged me since release and while I can see both sides, I’m still annoyed. There was a very vocal bunch of constructively criticizing beta testers before this game came out and yet it was still released with a whackload of bugs and design issues.

    Now, I don’t know who is entirely to blame for this. If EA forced them to release early, then I’ll blame EA, but if Mythic actually thought their game was ready for the masses September 18, 2008, then I’ll blame Mythic.

    I’m going to assume this was mostly EA’s fault because if you consider how bad they were doing financially in that quarter, they needed WAR’s sales to help reduce their losses. Even with WAR’s release, EA still had a huge loss in Q4 2008, but it would have been even bigger.

    Now, Mythic doesn’t get off scott free here imho because not only was a lot of the content unfinished after two delays, many of the core designs were not sound:

    – The stale pre-NF DAOC keep system
    – The brutal zone locking mechanics
    – The lame random loot systems
    – The progression balance issues between oRvR and scenarios
    – The brutal PvE grind
    – No real realm/population balancing mechanism

    I could double this list without breaking a sweat. There were just so many design issues and people couldn’t identify with WAR in the long-term. Combine these design issues with the bugs, lackluster PvE, non-AAA polish, and refusal to consolidate the servers earlier and you have where WAR is at today.

    The game can and will only get better imho, but I truly wish they hadn’t launched when they did.

  3. You’ve nailed it there Snafzg.

    It’s hard to argue that Mythic didn’t screw up the development of this game from the get go. Another 6 months would have helped, certainly, but much of the design and systems were broken on such a fundamental level that it will take many more months to get the game to where it should be.

  4. They as in Mythic, seemed so afraid of being labelled as creators of DAOC 2.0 (Warhammer), that they seemed to have ignored all of what they learnt in DAOC. When they should have been building on that framework, not rebuilding it and rebuilding it and rebuilding it.

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