(BoG 1.2.1 patch – return of the sunday cute animal pic! Currently in beta testing)


5 Responses

  1. The Easter Bunny! It’s filled with chocolate!

  2. Quick! Eat it!

  3. Bad, bad, Syp!!!! That is the cutest bunny I’ve seen in ages. The short little front paws remind me of the bunny rabbit puppet on Captain Kangaroo (Yes, I am THAT old!).

  4. I have just recently been using the acai in a liquid blend from a grocery chain for a small amount of time. If the stuff might be bought in even additional powerful strength then it actually is like viagra. I am actually drinking about 6 oz of this rasberry/acai mix for about two weeks and have woke up in the morning with erections for the last week. I’m not used to this as I am pushing 58 yo. I do have less joint pain and my staying power is improved,too. I have been shoveling snow for this whole week and it truly is less difficult than I expected it to be. I credit it to the acai as rasberries in no way did this prior to. I’m searching for a good reputable source of the frozen fruit as how beneficial is the freeze dried kind and can it be trusted to perform as nicely as the fresh,frozen fruit?

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