A Joke Post

To all of those surprised the World First(!!!!) capture of Karl Franz hasn’t made Mythic’s homepage or the Herald, I have simply one thing to say:

Mythic hate Europe!

(and yes, I did feel the need to openly say this was comedic in intent, even if it’s a phrase I’ve repeated many many times in seriousness)

NB: You can read GOA’s write-up on the event here, along with some screenshots.

3 Responses

  1. Joking aside, it’s hard to shake off the feeling that we’re not quite as important as the yank players in Mythic’s eyes

    Check the dev posts on the US forums… request for discussions etc. – the CMs are playing catchup on the EU forums with the odd crosspost but I’m sure GOA+Mythic could work together just a little bit to make this smoother?

    (doesn’t help that all these dev posts seem to go up friday PM, US time – i.e. when GOA will all be finished for the week. I can’t bring myself to blame GOA for that…).

  2. One thing that disturbs me is that GOA has just a note and write-up in english.

    On the german version of the webpage, there is not even a mention of the defeat of Karl Franz.

    So Mythic hates Europe ..and GOA hates Germany? 😉

  3. Mythic got their post up 🙂 hurrah! With some words of congratulations from the devs, so I’ll forgive them the delay.

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