What are YOU doing on 9th May?

We (ie. me & Spinks), along with some of our friends, will be at the Cittie of Yorke pub in Holborn, London, having drinks and discussing WAR and probably all sorts of related things. And we’d love it if you could come along, with friends, guildies, forum friends, anyone at all who’d like to join a get-together of London WAR players, friends and family!

The address of the pub is 22 Holborn, WC1V 8BN and we’ve booked the front room for 4pm onwards. Nearest Tube stations are Chancery Lane, Holborn and Farringdon and you can see what the pub looks like and get an idea of its location and reviews, etc from the Beer in the Evening website. The Transport for London Journey Planner can help you get info about how to get to Holborn from anywhere else in London and is a really useful tool.

It’s a good weekend to be in London anyway, since Star Trek is released on 8th May!!  We picked the weekend especially, but also because it avoids bank holidays, when travel is always more expensive.

Anyway, would be great to get as big a turn-out as possible, so I’d be grateful if you could spread the word on the forums and guild channels that you use on a regular basis. If it’s successful, who knows, there could be many more such fan get-togethers which could eventually form the basis for something a little more official. That being said, I know the gang from GOA are hoping to send people along, so it’s a chance to hang out, talk WAR, and drink (naturally!).

I would now make a reference to London as the Inevitable City but I’m kind of tired, so you’ll have to wait to see me in person for my razor-sharp wit!

(and for the record, a few of us are hoping to see Star Trek at the IMAX the night before, but it might get complicated to organise for too many people – but if you are there, I’m sure we could say hello in true British fashion  – ie. with a drink).

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  1. I had double booked …. I am trying to bump over person, to free up again.

    This is what happens when you have 2 diaries.

  2. Presumably you don’t actually mind people NOT from London coming? I might come, depends what I’m doing. No way will I be able to get tickets to see ST at the Imax though, they’re rarer than a T4 Destro player on Karak Norn.

    • depending on the time you pick the IMAX there are seats around, but it’s pricey and coordinating times has already proven a bit of a nightmare 🙂

      And anyone and everyone is welcome.

  3. I *should* be able to make it down for the evening, so I’ll hopefully see you at some point!

    Also, just so you know, I’ve just logged on to WAR after a week or so away to see Idris/Kaja have been guildkicked. Don’t take it personally; the Guild is pursuing level 37 so is taking a bit of an aggressive policy to Characters that have been inactive for a certain period (they slow XP gain down), just give me a nudge next time you log in and I’ll re-invite you!

    • No worries, will be potzing about a bit on the Destruction alt, but when I pop back I will make sure to nudge you.

      ps. champagne marmite rocks.

    • Hope you don’t mind me butting in for a quick question? Regarding inactive characters slowing XP gain for guilds, I thought Mythic/GOAs official line was that they don’t do that? Can you point me in the direction of an official comment about it please? I only mention it because it would be relevant to our guild too (which has me slightly worried!). Cheers!

  4. @lupercal

    I thought xp gain, came from what you did and didn’t take into account inactive characters.

    Guild XP is guild XP regardless of the source. I would like to see where Mythic/GOA state it’s Guild XP/No. Of members, when calculating guild xp gained from a dungeon.

    Unless you are saying, that the next guild xp level is based on the number of players in the guild.

  5. @ skarbd

    Not exactly, Whilst Guild XP doesn’t take into account the numbers in a Guild, it takes into account active members and what they have recently done. So whilst a small active Guild and a large active Guild will level at roughly the same rate, a small active Guild will level faster than a large Guild with some active players but a lot of inactive ones on their books. There are even some Guild who kick members when they logout, and reinvite when they come back in (which I think is ludicrous!). It’s a bit of a rubbish system, but kicking alts that have been inactive 2 weeks, and Mains that have been inactive 1 month+ has really sped up our levelling.

    From Grab-bag – “Q. Your answer in the previous Grab Bag regarding guild leveling was confusing. Can you please clarify exactly how guild experience is calculated, and what constitutes an ‘active’ character in a guild?”

    “A. While it’s against our policy to share exact formulas (in order to keep guilds from gaming the system), we do want to be sure and clarify these mechanics to the best of our ability for those guilds who are concerned about how guild leveling actually works. The total number of members in a guild does not impact Guild XP gain directly. It’s based on characters who have recently contributed experience. The system takes into account the characters’ level, and is balanced in a way to allow guilds of all sizes to level up at comparable (but not necessarily equal) rates.

    It is a sound system involving a lot of math, which is designed with the idea that players have alts and that there are as many large and small casual guilds as there are large and small hardcore ones. There is no need to boot inactive characters from your guild’s roster. If a character has not logged in, that character is not affecting the contribution rating at all. Our ultimate goal when designing this system was to ensure that all types of guilds are able to level up on an equal playing field whether they’re large or small, casual or hardcore.

    In the end, it’s important to remember that guilds are an enriching social environment that are a great way to enhance your gameplay. We encourage players select a guild that values you for who you are, and not solely for your experience contribution.”

    And a few more details can be found here –




  6. I be There

  7. […] added a few more details about the pub at the blog. As previously stated, would be great if people can make […]

  8. @Lupercal

    Thank you.

  9. […] I would like to remind people of the European Warhammer drinky poohs in London on the 9th May, organised by Arbitary of Book Of Grudges. Try and make an effort to come along, but […]

  10. […] And come talk to us all about it on May 9th at the Cittie of York pub in Holborn, London (while arra… Seriously, I think we need more people for this or we’ll get moved out of our booked room… so ask around and drum up some interest, please! […]

  11. Sorry, this weekend’s rugby results mean I’ll be off to a semi-final on the 9th, and timings have conspired to put the kick-off at 5.30pm which puts a pretty serious dent on getting into London afterwards in any reasonable time. Bah!

    • well, hurrah for the rugby and semi-finals, and we understand! There might be quite a small gathering…

  12. Cleared the day, so incoming. Do we know how many are turning up. I noticed the Freddyshouse warhammer area was relatively quiet.

  13. I am still incoming on this day.

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