The Dark(er) Side

Have decided to start a Destruction alt, finally, after all this time. These are my top choices, based on what I like and what I’d like to experiment with. So pick me a class and if you have suggestions of non-Burlok servers for me to go to, let me know those too (in comments). Oh, and if you want to join me for a night a week of alting in Destruction, also let me know!

5 Responses

  1. Oddly enough we’ve just started a few Destruction alts on Karak Azgal, it’s weird being on the other side of scenarios!

  2. Ooh, maybe I can come visit the cool kids then. Might try and make a character today (so hurry up on the poll everyone).

  3. Happy to come hook up if it’s a night I’m free.

    I suggest try playing something that isn’t a healer.

  4. @spinksy – what nights are you free?

  5. Any except wed and thurs.

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