Back to the Tier 1

Me and Spinks launched ourselves into Norsca with a Magus/Zealot combo and puttered around with some of the early quests. As with the last time I tinkered in Destruction lands, I had an overwhelming feeling that there was more.. character than in the Order lands (and I happen to think both Empire and Dwarf lands have a fair amount of character). So it made me wonder if it was just because it was something so new to me.

I was also fairly impressed at Karak-Azgal and the lack of waiting times for scenarios. And found myself quickly at Rank 5. We also started a normal public quest and rapidly a full open group formed up around us, making it fairly easy for us to complete. It was a totally different experience even to the Warrior Priest I created recently, though that was a little over-run with Slayers.

The lesson from all of this, it’s worth trying something new, and perhaps on a different server even. I’ll never turn my back on my Rune Priest, but it’s definitely re-energised my WAR time for the moment. I think the Rune Priest is kind of waiting for the Land of the Dead, because I’m finding it hard to find a place for myself when I log in with her at the moment, it all seems a bit distant, and that’s completely my fault.

Tier 1 is fun because there’s a lack of crowd control and everyone is finding their feet. Also because Mythic throw us straight into everything we can do later in the game (barring keep taking and city sieges, but there is open RvR) and don’t make us mess about too much. We had at least one amusing moment where I admired Spinks’ shoulder tattoo and to investigate my shoulder I stripped off and discovered that my Magus had worrying skin-coloured underwear. I can do a VERY good impression of being naked (let’s put it that way).

The Destruction thing will eventually settle to being 1 night a week for us, but at the moment we’re grabbing an hour here and there as we can.  I’m still an Order gal at heart, but it’s nice to take a walk on the wild side.

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  1. That was good fun! What I love about Tier 1 is how easy it is to log in for an hour or so and do a few different things. Run a scenario or two (in different scenarios!), hang around a PQ and end up with a neat little group there, do some quests, explore, etc.

    It’s not that you can’t do those things in higher tiers, because you can. Just T1 makes everyone so happy.

    Also liked how we ended up with the exact same style and colour hair. We look more like twins than sisters in game 🙂

  2. Lower tiers always seem like so much more fun. No one can really have better gear than you compared to Tier 4 where you can be destroyed in your annihilator gear compared to people walking around with 70 renown, and Dark Promise/ Invader gear.

    Tier 1 just is good ole PvP, and never makes you want to log off like T4 does. Right now I have a RP parked at rank 22 for the patch for the 6v6 Gates of Ekrund, and my WP will be there this week. Now I can’t wait for that patch to do that for a little diversion from T4.

  3. I’ve been having a blast as well, plenty of scenarios and public quests opportunities and the levels fly by. At level 9 I thought I’d go wandering around the RvR lakes in the Greenskin zones and got up to the second influence reward with some fun little skirmishing, think I might head over to Nordland next and hopefully bump into you two!

  4. ah poop Karak Azgal – shame you went there instead of Karag Norn. Magus is great fun, I have one level 30 now and she looks so bad ass 😉

  5. @Coru,

    I am envy you your badass looking magus. Shame that my white lion still looks like a shower of sh!t at 26. Why do some of the order characters look so tepid after you have done so many levels. Is it so hard to design exciting looking armour & clothers for the mid level characters.

  6. @skarbad

    yeah there is a definite bias it seems in favour of Destro wardrobes being ‘cooler’. For example by r11 a DoK or Sorc looks good. Magus doesn’t such get such good luck as they look pretty poor in t1 and t2, but at 29 you can equip gear which looks the bizness.

    Armour design needs looking at though on both sides as I understand that a number of end game Destro armour sets contain pieces (often the helm) which are the same model as t2 ones.

  7. @Eyeball – truth!

    I am tempted to create an alt and get him into the middle ranks before Land of the Dead comes out… but it’s such an investment of tiiiiiiiiiiiime! At least the earlier tiers are quite fun compared to the latter, so it might not be too bad.

  8. I’m a victim of having many ALTs. WAR is my first MMO and I jumped in with both feet.

    My main is a BW that I’ve ranked to 40 and enjoyed the run (except for T3 before the leveling bump). But playing a RDPS I also wanted to try the different classes. So now I have a WP, IB, KOBS, SLY, SM, and AM. I might even roll a WH at some point. The game has a lot of cool environments and I want to experience the game through each race.

    I wondered what Destro would be like so I took the plunge and have a Zealot, Magus, and a Choppa (with hopes for some others). It is much different with some cool environments. But overall what I’ve experienced is a cool group of people who enjoy playing the game and similar gripes about Order like Order complains about Destro.

    Tiers 1 and 2 are definitely my favorites for multiple reasons. I do enjoy T4 but sometimes it feels like work and some people take it overly serious. Yeah, the goal is to push to the IC … but it can be fun, too.

    Enjoy the Dark Side … it is fun!

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