WAR’s Groaning

Enough niceness, eh?  Bloggers, and in can be assumed others in the community, are testing out other games until WAR gets fixed or until the Land of the Dead brings people back to the game.  Hell, it’s what I’m doing. I’m even sometimes choosing grinding in LotRO over what it plainly fun about WAR – Tier 1 and an alt on many nights. People are doubting their subscriptions.

And Mythic? Mythic are tied to their desks trying to fix stuff and bring in new stuff that will need fixing with their lesser numbers in QA and elsewhere. The game needs these fixes and changes, and they’ve been promised to us. A number of people I know are pretty excited about Land of the Dead but not really bothered about much before, so this ‘live expansion’ is very important to Mythic, don’t mistake that. If it all goes wrong, it might be the end of a number of subs on both sides of the pond. The community is flagging a little and could do with pepping up.

Not heard of Paul visiting many blogs recently, or even updating his own. And that’s the problem with community involvement, once you start it, people expect it to continue. I expect these luminaries of Mythic to be doing all they used to do, marketing-wise, even when it’s unfeasible from a grander scale. But I’m sure there will be a ramp-up in community chatter and involvement with the Land of the Dead, there needs to be!

I’m finding WAR quite suitable for a casual game, but that also means if something more interesting comes up, WAR gets dropped for the night. I still enjoy the game when I play it, but even that’s somewhat because I’ve disengaged myself from the endgame, I’ve heard too much about it being unsatisfying, and I know I enjoy sleeping, so I don’t go to city sieges or defences, preferring to try new characters and play them through Tiers 1 and 2, safe in the knowledge I have my preferred char at rank 40 just in case I need a top level character.

WAR needs enthusiasm. It needs to be fun. If you’re not enjoying it, try alting, or play another game and keep your eye on info about the ‘expansion’.

And come talk to us all about it on May 9th at the Cittie of York pub in Holborn, London (while arranging to meet the rest of your guild there, of course). Seriously, I think we need more people for this or we’ll get moved out of our booked room… so ask around and drum up some interest, please!

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  1. I agree, games need to be enjoyable or there is not use playing them. Right now WAR lacks “the spark” for me, so I just can’t be arsed. Maybe it will return with new content, but I dunno…

  2. They made the end game for war too EPIC. DAoC was modular with Keeps/towers/oRvR and didn’t have that ONE BIG THING which everyone strived for. As a result that ONE BIG THING didn’t need to be crazilly hard and generally exclusive.

  3. Land of the dead raises a lot of questions for me. Most importantly: How are they going to keep the zone from crashing? r25+ players can enter it.. They have caps at forts with r37 requirement! Half the server will be able to be and will want to be there at some point. The design for this zone was started before they realised they need to cap forts, so I’m pretty worried about that…

    I’m very afraid that I will see it go like this:
    – First side gets its airship done. 30 min lockdown. All 25+ of that side on the server rush to the zone to see new content.
    – Second side gets it airship done. All 25+ of that side on the server rush to the zone to see new content.
    – First side puts a defensive line up
    – Second side meets the defensive line
    – Welcome to Land of the Crash.

    On the other hand, if they are going to cap them like forts, how lame it will feel for a 30+ player who has been contributing for claiming the zone to not get in there. It already happens constantly with 37+ players on fort fights with WC full of people left out.

  4. I agree about the community involvement. Once you start, you have to keep going. Let’s see what happens with the Land Of The Dead roll out.

  5. I just hope that the Land of the Dead occupies Destruction enough that they stop invading our city twice a day.

  6. […] to nothing to draw me back right now.  A few WAR blogs have shut down, while some others are in a murky state of mind.  Yet there’s always hope, and what gets me juiced about WAR is that it’s finally […]

  7. War, I’m afraid, just isn’t very good. I wouldn’t say its good for absolutely nothing (unlike the verse in the song) but it is a long way from being as satisfying or involving as DAoC.

    It is just too much like WoW in terms of the combat and the graphics of the game, not to mention its dumbed down approach. For some that is fine but, for many of us who actually rather dislike WoW it is a Bad Thing (TM).

    The RvR, which should set it apart from WoW, is so disappointing. Fixed positions for siege weapons? Err, dull. Design of the keeps? Not very good. Way too much crowd control. Some of the zone maps in tier 4 appear to have been designed by people taking copious amounts of drugs.

    Plus the tier 4 campaign is just too time consuming, too complex and not enough fun.

    Tiers one and two are head and shoulders above tier four in the fun factor. Memories of those early tiers have brought me back to the game, this time on a more populated server trying out a Zealot.

    I don’t imagine I’ll be here for the long haul but it should keep me occupied for an hour or two an evening which will do me right now.

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