Weekend draws near

Ok, I leave the house at 5:45am tomorrow to start my journey down to London. Friday I’ll be geeking out at the IMAX for Star Trek around 3pm, and then on saturday, from 4pm onwards I’ll be at the Cittie of Yorke pub in Holborn.

Spinks will be there for sure, as will my ever-dutiful husband, and we’re supposed to have the front room of the pub booked (whatever that means). Am hoping Ardua and his wife will also be there for sure, and I know a few others are coming, such as Skar!

My real name is Rebecca (hi all), but I think you’ll be able to just ask for the front room and from there we should be fairly obvious. I have no idea how many will be coming, hopefully enough that the pub doesn’t turf us out back into the main room – but if it does, we’ll still be at the pub, so find us.

Am sure we’ll all be as nervous as one another about meeting people from the online world, but every time I’ve done something like this the nerves soon dissipate, so don’t let those put you off!

Anyone is welcome. I doubt people will just be talking WAR, so if you have friends you’d like to meet in town, bring ‘em along also!

And spread the word, because this is genuinely the last time I’ll be able to pimp it without twitter assistance! (and if you need/want my mobile phone number, just comment and ask for it here and I’ll send you an email, same if you want to contact me for any reason!)

6 Responses

  1. […] latest and last pre-event blog post up on this. Basically, I’m off to London tomorrow for the weekend, including pub gathering from 4pm […]

  2. […] Warhammer Meet, 9th Of May London Okay, last reminder for this Saturday. […]

  3. Tally ho 🙂

  4. If I lived there I would show up. You had me at Pub. lol
    From Texas, it is a bit of a trip for me.

  5. […] She’s summed the plans up much better than I could. Anyone who wants to come is invited! And as a bonus, it’s one of the prettiest pubs in London. […]

  6. have fun, can’t make it myself – I imagine discussing the Burlok situation maybe awkward for GOA chaps :s

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