Easter Sunday (cute vid!)

While I personally don’t celebrate Easter, I wanted a nod to it with my cute animals this week, and so I give you some chirpy Easter chicks.


(BoG 1.2.1 patch – return of the sunday cute animal pic! Currently in beta testing)

The power of cute compels me

Too cute!
Too cute!

More of this little baby here. You won’t regret clicking through.

First Pics of the Slayer!!!

Oh come on now, you all (by now) know I like a challenge, and so I bring you the Slayer, Book of Grudges style:

[ps. for the record I think what the owner of this dog did is pretty bleh and don’t condone it at all]

[pps. I call him Regis]

Happy Chinese New Year

[oh come on, you knew I was looking for an excuse!]

Baby musk ox from Alaskana @Flickr

Baby musk ox from Alaskana @Flickr

More is better!

In a special edition of cute baby animals, I bring you:

Knight of the Blazing Sun – extra patch notes!

Want a preview of the Knight of the Blazing Sun and their awesome new taunting skill?

We can now exclusively reveal to you the following, stolen from deep within Mythic HQ:

"Your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries"

Hallowe’en baby

It’s an aye-aye (thanks commenters – was originally told it was an opossum), but if I was trick or treating age, this is the picture I’d want to see!

A cute baby snotling. Really.

Ok, when I started searching out cute animals, it was more as a joke. But I get complaints if I forget them one week. And when I started, I thought we’d cover a couple of classes and that’s it. I NEVER thought I’d see a real animal that looks like a snotling.

I was wrong.

Picture courtesy of zooborns.com

Back to those white lions…